XMPP Service Operators - 2022-09-25

  1. Martin

    Is chat.disroot.org down for everyone or just me? :)

  2. Martin

    https://state.disroot.org/ says XMPP is working…

  3. Menel

    Its not down, but cert... Only valid for apps.disroot.org (Also expires in 7 days)

  4. Martin

    For me it looks down: dial tcp4 i/o timeout

  5. Martin

    magicbot also says `!contact disroot.org resulted in: remote-server-timeout`

  6. Martin

    !ping disroot.org

  7. Menel

    Ah, ok. I thought you meant the website. Yes,. Down for me too

  8. Martin

    HAL agrees…

  9. Martin

    Hehe, I assumed I don't need to tell I'm talking XMPP in the operators MUC. :D

  10. MattJ

    https://xmpp-connectivity-check.mwild1.repl.co/?chat.disroot.org agrees

  11. Martin

    Wrote them an email, advertising o.j.n, as their own monitoring sees XMPP as working.

  12. Martin

    MattJ: Nice, didn't know that tool. :)

  13. Menel

    Yeah, not enough coffee..

  14. Maranda


  15. Martin

    My email to support@disroot.org was deferred until my mail server gave up. Maybe someone using one of the big corp mail servers want to give a try on informing them…

  16. Menel

    Will do

  17. Martin


  18. Menel

    It works again btw

  19. Martin