XMPP Service Operators - 2022-10-01

  1. root

    MattJ: ignore rule set successfully, all further messages will be muted and suppressed.

  2. Ellenor Bjornsd.


  3. root

    Ellenor Bjornsd.: if that came across as rude, then I failed to convey the sarcasm behind it. I was playing off of MattJ"s statement of "ignore me".

  4. Ellenor Bjornsd.


  5. Trung

    Ellenor Bjornsd. wat does ^ mean?

  6. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    > Trung wrote: > Ellenor Bjornsd. wat does ^ mean? what does the caret mean? it means read the foregoing what does fnorp mean? nothing.

  7. Trung

    caret means control in Unix apparently so...

  8. darkflib

    ^c - ctrl c