XMPP Service Operators - 2022-10-28

  1. mimi89999

    Establishing a secure connection from lebihan.pl to muc.poez.io failed. Certificate hash: db56ac68a00242be96d9c22d132f066ab9e8cd1c2033f0d9cdc36e5747b4fd3d. Error with certificate 0: certificate has expired.

  2. dumpdump3000

    is there anyway to contact if messages are rejected by strangers

  3. MattJ

    To detect? Sure, get someone not on your contact list to send you a message :)

  4. mjk

    to contact the admins, they mean :)

  5. mjk

    there was this nice contact info XEP...

  6. dumpdump3000

    i need to contact the support team i dont know how i would get them too send me a message if you guys can help heres the contacts

  7. dumpdump3000


  8. dumpdump3000