XMPP Service Operators - 2022-10-29

  1. sha

    is jabber.hot-chilli.net and jabb3r.org broken or is it just my network?

  2. Abhoerschutz

    sha, Yes, both servers do not seem to answer, website wise.

  3. sha

    i don't care about the website, but i also can't reach my contacts there anymore :(

  4. Menel

    Mattj shared yesterday this need tool: https://connect.xmpp.net/ Easy testing... Service seems down from there too

  5. Menel

    Mattj shared yesterday this neat tool: https://connect.xmpp.net/ Easy testing... Service seems down from there too

  6. sha

    very useful, even though it could be more specific than > Failed: This check took 10.01 seconds

  7. sha

    seems to back up now :)

  8. kikuchiyo

    melvo: Any news? How is automation progressing? > https://invent.kde.org/melvo/xmpp-providers/-/issues/31

  9. karl

    How are public MUCs added to the 'jabber.network' so it shows up in a client search for public MUCs?

  10. jonas’

    karl, https://search.jabber.network/docs/owners

  11. karl

    ok, thank you

  12. jonas’

    karl, did you just ask the same question in prosody@?

  13. karl

    yes, I did - after asking there I thougt that the question was better asked here.

  14. jonas’

    ack, ok

  15. jonas’

    right, ok

  16. 404.city

    It's rather strange to classify providers with in-band registration as category A. Many servers with in-band registration enabled have problems with flooding and spam. As a solution to the problem of weak Inband, many providers send a link from Inband to an improved registration form. By itself, Inband cannot be a pessimizing or positive criterion of quality at all. It's just a registration link)

  17. sha

    I think the original idea was that this list is to be used by client developers for building a registration form

  18. 404.city

    We will get elite trash and spam in the A+ category, if we also give the absence of captcha as a positive sign)

  19. Licaon_Kter

    404.city: it's more about user friendliness. Now, if said users are spammers...

  20. 404.city

    People love rankings, but many ranking criteria are very subjective. I thought for a long time how to classify servers, but did not get to a consensus. There is obvious garbage, such as invalid certificates, the other feature is debatable

  21. Licaon_Kter


  22. 404.city

    Licaon_Kter: How convenient is it for the user that a new contact is added to him, after 5 seconds, instead of the blocked one and the contact writes to him again?

  23. 404.city

    I don't think it's convenient. Problems like this make users puke at XMPP. One vandal is able to destroy entire rooms with open addresses if he doesn't agrees with the political position of the participants

  24. 404.city

    Licaon_Kter: Have you experienced something similar that one person from hundreds of addresses wrote to you?

  25. MattJ

    404.city: it appears there is one thing we agree on, after all 🙂

  26. MattJ

    The providers.xmpp.net ranking is not ideal at the moment. I know some improvements are planned, but I don't know how extensive they will be.

  27. حمزه عمر


  28. حمزه عمر


  29. Licaon_Kter

    حمزه عمر: don't share random files

  30. حمزه عمر

    How do I spread bad news with you, where are the men, Fattal?

  31. bkil

    404.city: If you have moderation automation ideas, feel free to chime in to xmpp:mod-ideas@conference.movim.eu I think a server plugin could just as well block spammy contact requests similar to how mjolnir does it.

  32. william.chatner

    > It's rather strange to classify providers with in-band registration as category A Agreed. With all due respect: the current rating mechanism of providers.xmpp.net is nonsense. The list is highly subjective. No inband reg can be a security measure. All those file sharing sizes and storage times are completely arbitrary; they have too much impact. You require a free of charge provider and still demand such high storage for files?? You require a free of charge provider and still demand such features of professional hosting? Who do you think is running all those xmpp servers? Other thoughts: Some people desperately need Tor for reg/usage. For some people the available language might be the main criterion. Sorry for tha rant, I couldn't do it better. But this list is a fail.

  33. Menel

    Chill, it's a privat project and every operator is free to ignore it. Most of us do...

  34. Menel

    It's also only a recommendation for client *devs* and even they can just look at the severs themselfs and I think most do.. And not just pick "A" only.

  35. Licaon_Kter

    william.chatner: when the subdomain was 'granted' there were voices that opposed its usage... since it "looks" like "an official" thing...

  36. Menel

    I also don't like a lot there, but I actually like them asking the bus factor... But sadly it's mostly one or unknown (I bet unknown is one too most of the time) 🙂.

  37. Licaon_Kter

    william.chatner: feel free to add you concerns or fixes: https://invent.kde.org/melvo/xmpp-providers/-/issues

  38. Licaon_Kter

    william.chatner: feel free to add your concerns or fixes: https://invent.kde.org/melvo/xmpp-providers/-/issues

  39. bkil

    Menel: Good point. But the only way to improve the bus factor if the server is ran by a corporation, right? Otherwise domain transfer itself could pose difficulties. But then the GDPR kicks in, while it would specifically not be applied between "friends & family"

  40. william.chatner

    Dont get me wrong. The intention is good, the website looks good. > ... since it "looks" like "an official" thing Yes, because of the domain it looks like THE official list

  41. kuba_

    btw - xmpp.net gives 502

  42. Zash

    xmpp.net is dead, long live inspect.xmpp.net :)

  43. william.chatner

    > but I actually like them asking the bus factor This is a good point.

  44. william.chatner

    On the other hand, if a single person can run his server with like 99% uptime for many years, the bus factor becomes more and more irrelevant.

  45. Menel

    The bus factor is for the future.. You can walk over a street and...... Bus over you anytime

  46. Menel

    Uptime and age is unrelated and also a good stats point, yes

  47. william.chatner

    Ok you are right

  48. bkil

    If only XMPP profiled were either portable ("nomadic") or provide for a kind of HA/failover (i.e., you could always advertise 2-3 aliases together and if your main alias goes down, others could start routing towards the live account and hook up another alias)

  49. Menel

    Could be implemented in clients easily... You put your stuff online like https://keyoxide.org/ And clients would have to look that up and use the one that's advertised in use.. That would be even without a xep or any protocol change.

  50. Licaon_Kter

    bkil: wasn't there a XEP for that?

  51. william.chatner

    > You can walk over a street and...... Bus over you anytime Simple solution: xmpp admins need a good life insurance and have to announce a successor in their will. But bkil:'s solution is better 😀