XMPP Service Operators - 2022-11-02

  1. hnhdvip


  2. hnhdvip

    please active my account

  3. kuba_

    hnhdvip: wdym?

  4. hnhdvip

    i register account from http://vclub.biz/

  5. hnhdvip

    but my account not active

  6. hnhdvip

    i I have deposited about 200$ but it shows nothing.

  7. hnhdvip

    my account still not activated

  8. Licaon_Kter

    hnhdvip: pls contact the server admin directly. This channel is not about a particular server.

  9. hnhdvip

    i don't know how to contact them

  10. Licaon_Kter

    We can't help you...

  11. kuba_

    aren't they scammers?

  12. Licaon_Kter

    The same way you found how to pay, where to pay, etc. > aren't they scammers? Sounds like

  13. Licaon_Kter

    hnhdvip: what did they promise for those 200?

  14. kuba_

    hnhdvip: xmpp:support@vclub.biz

  15. kuba_

    found it on their www

  16. ernst.on.tour

    You've got rich, lovley and full hair ?

  17. Trung

    what even is that site? …there's just a logo there.

  18. Menel

    Press on the logo.. Seems like a card stealing and scamming website

  19. mjk

    > Please wait while your request is being verified... nice logo, and very efficiently encoded too

  20. mjk

    not clickable tho

  21. Trung

    seems like no xmpp server there - can't ping it.

  22. Menel

    I would rather like to report that service then to try to debug it... I guess it hasn't s2s enabled Trung. Why would they

  23. Trung

    lol yeah i'm blockin that ip.

  24. Martin

    > Dear customers If you lost your password please contact support@vclub.biz on jabber. They should have s2s if they want people to be able to join there. But I agree with this: > I would rather like to report that service then to try to debug it...

  25. Trung

    mail sent to abuse addresses of ISP and Registrar of vclub.biz. Hope they will sort it out. Poor guy lost 200$.

  26. ernst.on.tour

    Trung: there seems to be some more vclubs Just ddg for vclub and find .tl, .cm, .su, .ru, ... They want 90$ for registration to "biggest fullz underground marketplace" Poor guy wants to enter underground marketplace, maybe the 200$ should be called "learning-fee" 😉

  27. Trung

    hahahahahahahaha ok fair play hahahahahahaha