XMPP Service Operators - 2022-12-31

  1. Abhoerschutz-Kernspin

    TeslasMHD, my friends!

  2. jonas’

    Abhoerschutz-Kernspin, stop it.

  3. natclub

    Abhoerschutz-Kernspin: teslas

  4. andrey.utkin

    Happy New Year operators!

  5. qy

    and also to you

  6. sn

    Happy new year!

  7. Lightning Bjornsson


  8. qy

    guess we're staying in 2022 guys, he declined a new year

  9. Lightning Bjornsson


  10. dcuba.ar admin

    happy new year! sometime tonight dcuba.ar's SSL cert will expire. we're probably fixing it tomorrow after the hangovers' gone. sorry for any inconvenience

  11. qy

    you reset your ssl at new year? :D im tempted to do that too now