XMPP Service Operators - 2023-02-26

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  101. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    jc: A lot of folk here have a big problem with cryptocurrency.

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  105. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    jc: A lot of folk here have a big problem with cryptocurrency. So the arbitrary call is an abstraction.

  106. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    jc: A lot of folk here rightly have a big problem with cryptocurrency. So the arbitrary call is an abstraction.

  107. nuegia.net

    speak for yourself

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  114. jc

    It's an inaccurate and therefore useless abstraction. No one would know what I'm talking about. Also what I suggested was perfectly on topic and relevant. You and msavoritias are actually taking us off topic by talking about ponzis and feelings.

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  117. jc

    Also, I never mentioned "crypto" or "blockchain", I specifically spoke about Bitcoin and lightning as a payment mechanism for people sighing up for servers. Bitcoin is legal tender in some places and is not a ponzi. msavoritias is showing his ignorance of both Bitcoin and ponzis.

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  119. jc

    Also, I never mentioned "crypto" or "blockchain", I specifically spoke about Bitcoin and lightning as a payment mechanism for people sighing up for servers. Bitcoin is legal tender in some places and is not a ponzi. msavoritias is showing their ignorance of both Bitcoin and ponzis.

  120. jc

    I'm specifically trying to not feed the troll by explaining away their misconceptions, because doing so would really be going off topic.

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  130. MattJ

    Appreciated 🙂

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  132. MattJ

    CAPTCHAs also have various problems, yet people freely suggest (and use) those

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  142. nuegia.net

    Does prosody have a captcha plugin?

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  144. Licaon_Kter

    jc: > Lightning payment required for registration Looks like I won't be joining this network then, only crypto bros allowed, no idea what all that mean or how to do that, btcpay stuff etc Hey Whatsapp is free, no learning needed, encrypted too, must be good right?

  145. Licaon_Kter


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  147. Menel

    I don't see any harm, if one server chooses to implement something like that? It's not like were all required to do it

  148. msavoritias

    jc: Or we could stop talking about cryptocurrencies. In this case climate destroying ones.

  149. Menel

    Maybe this is a jdev discussion anyways

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  151. nuegia.net

    Licaon_Kter, yeah!

  152. nuegia.net

    XMPP is old an deprecated, whatsapp is MODERN

  153. nuegia.net

    time to shut down operations.

  154. nuegia.net


  155. nuegia.net

    more like not fit for mobile.

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  157. jc

    Licaon_Kter: the network is federated, so if one server asks payment that doesn't affect any user from any other server. But you know that

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  162. Licaon_Kter

    jc: no, it does not work like this, scroll above, see M@randa talking about servers *not* implementing "something" You're a fedi cat eared furry fren, right? How's the peer pressure for admins to "block that instance because it doesn't block that *other* instance" ?

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  181. Menel

    Inwould like it if we could be more professional then some random fediverse admins.

  182. Menel

    Applying that to the general tone here and to blocking servers etc

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  188. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    > Menel wrote: > Inwould like it if we could be more professional then some random fediverse admins. Isn't that just what we are though, just with different software?

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  191. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    > Licaon_Kter wrote: > jc: no, it does not work like this, scroll above, see M@randa talking about servers *not* implementing "something" > You're a fedi cat eared furry fren, right? How's the peer pressure for admins to "block that instance because it doesn't block that *other* instance" ? it is relatively heavy

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  195. msavoritias

    > Inwould like it if we could be more professional then some random fediverse admins. What does "proffesional" mean here? Not blocking xmpp instances that make your own instance unsafe? No thank you then.

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  199. Martin

    How do other instances make your own instance unsafe?

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  201. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    Martin, on activitypub the opportunities for harm are much wider because it's a public social network

  202. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    if you have authenticated fetch required, and you block instances that have harmed other instances in the past, you can raise the difficulty of their users coming to harm you

  203. Licaon_Kter

    msavoritias: I do agree that it's about the admins Eg. Chatterboxtown, not sure they're here or if I can easily find their xmpp address to report in the future, did they react? If so then it's ok. I did report to magicmightybroccoli too and they were responsive Also in the past to jabber.de and others

  204. Licaon_Kter

    Think creep,im had several reports that went nowhere hence the jabberspam listing, etc

  205. Licaon_Kter

    And reaction is one, forcing them to use bitcoin or harvest emails is...way...way...another thing

  206. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    in that sense, the first instance whose users are victimized by another's users, with that other not reacting appopriately, is a canary in the mineshaft, fainting from the damps and getting revived by their keeper-miner and thus warning said miner to rally the men to come up to the surface

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  214. msavoritias

    Martin: because they can send unsolicited messages to the people using my server. and join group chats on my server if they exist and send messages that make people feel unsafe.

  215. Martin

    > Think creep,im had several reports that went nowhere hence the jabberspam listing, etc They would not be on the list if they had acted to emails or have been reachable via xmpp. :) Blocking spammy servers where the admin is not reachable is a reasonable thing. Nowadays the admin is reachable here and they could have requested a removal from the list but afaik they never did.

  216. msavoritias

    Yeah if the admin is responsive of course there is no reason to block.

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  228. Licaon_Kter

    Martin: I've been here, yes, creep said "spam is hard, if you wanna block go ahead" :)

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  230. Martin

    AFAIR they only appeared here _after_ I created the PR as I was not reaching them (emails ignored, xmpp contact failed as they spammed me with captchas so I had to block them to stop captcha spam ^^).

  231. Martin

    Not sure if the captcha spam problem in ejabberd got fixed in the meantime.

  232. Martin

    Still open https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/2644 :(

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  234. Licaon_Kter

    Martin: they were here usually, then they were not when the spammers were :))

  235. Martin

    Bad timing then…

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  237. jc

    > And reaction is one, forcing them to use bitcoin or harvest emails is...way...way...another thing Nobody's forcing anybody to do anything. A server operator requesting payment is a voluntary thing.

  238. benk

    What's going on here

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  242. msavoritias

    > Nobody's forcing anybody to do anything. A server operator requesting payment is a voluntary thing. Im all for putting restrictions. But lets not pretend payment is voluntary. Its either pay or leave. Thats not voluntary by any stretch of the word

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  245. benk

    I mean, being free to leave means you're not forced to accept

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  247. msavoritias

    Yeah. But the payment itself is a requirment. Its not voluntary. In the same way either you accept the rules of the chat or you leave.

  248. msavoritias

    Accepting the rules is required.

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  250. jc

    ?? It is voluntary since no-one is forcing you to sign up with such a server. You can choose a different one or host your own

  251. Licaon_Kter

    jc: > Nobody's forcing anybody to do anything. A server operator requesting payment is a voluntary thing. Voluntary or we'll s2s block you because there was a spammer on your server? Yeah...that's voluntary alright

  252. Licaon_Kter

    Notice that I was speaking about the admin, about the server itself being forced to implement this. Not the users

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  254. msavoritias

    jc: its not. but i dont have the energy to start explaing to you why forcing people to pay or get kicked from the server is not voluntary. I mean its self describing.

  255. Licaon_Kter

    jc: The users will just go elsewhere... not on xmpp... then you'll have a clean network, empty, but clean.

  256. jc

    Facing a potential block because you host spammers is already the case. Some servers asking payment doesn't change that.

  257. Licaon_Kter


  258. jc

    msavoritias: I never spoke about kicking off existing users

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  261. jc

    In any case servers do shut down and kick off their users. Payments don't change that.

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  264. jc

    To the extent that payments incentivize server operators to continue hosting, they might event help prevent servers from being shut down and kicking off users.

  265. jc

    To the extent that payments incentivize server operators to continue hosting, they might even help prevent servers from being shut down and kicking off users.

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  267. jonas’

    PSA: Gandi.net has been acquired by Total Webhosting Solutions B.V.: https://your.online/press-release/

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  327. Ellenor Bjornsd.


  328. benk

    Let's figure out how to monetize XMPP

  329. jonas’

    whatsapp? :)

  330. benk


  331. benk

    I want us to all be part of a cabal of millionaires

  332. benk

    Controlling the network

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  388. Peter Waher

    While perhaps said in jest, anyone interested in how/why XMPP can/should be used for cross-domain interoperation based on monetization, can find more information on https://cybercity.online/ and https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9968404.

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  399. Ellenor Bjornsd.


  400. benk


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  405. MattJ

    Peter Waher, I wonder if you have any "realized example projects" to contribute to https://xmpp.org/uses/internet-of-things/

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  458. moparisthebest

    jonas’: hmm I've used gandi for years, should I know who TWS is or have cause for concern?

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  463. jonas’

    moparisthebest, I do not know who TWS is, but the merger statement tickles my spidy senses. In addition, some people online claim that TWS has a history of acquiring and breaking things.

  464. jonas’

    moparisthebest, https://zombofant.net/@h3artbl33d@exquisite.social/109927449312805384 ← "some people online"

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  471. moparisthebest

    Yea I tend to agree re: that statement, damn

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  475. moparisthebest

    So... Anyone know a good registrar with good support for me hosting DNS for my own domains with DNSSEC? Last time I looked had to have been a decade ago and the situation was rather dire

  476. jonas’

    I'm gonna use inwx.

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  484. Martin

    Am using inwx for some years and had no issues so far.

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  490. moparisthebest

    Reading some faq entries it looks like they support everything I need, I appreciate the recommendations

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  556. moparisthebest

    ugh inwx charges for whois privacy :'(

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  560. savagepeanut

    I've heard good things about Porkbun. Whois privacy is free there

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  562. moparisthebest

    haha I literally just found them from another site and was browsing, will report back

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  595. diane

    moparisthebest, i'm jusing joker.com which is based in germany. They now support DNS with dynamic DNS records, though they do charge a modest fee for whois privacy

  596. diane

    moparisthebest, i'm jusing joker.com which is based in germany. They support DNS with dynamic DNS records, though they do charge a modest fee for whois privacy

  597. diane

    My households main problem with them is my US credit card company thinks they're suspicious and doesn't like to process the charges.

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  824. moparisthebest

    happy to report I transferred one of my domains from gandi to porkbun and it took a couple hours and transferred over *with* all glue records, ns records, and dnssec records already in place, so I didn't have to do anything and no service interruption at all :D

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  833. nuegia.net

    moparisthebest, how did you manage that? large ttls?

  834. nuegia.net

    also why did you switch away from gandi?

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  836. moparisthebest

    nuegia.net, I host my own DNS so since no nameservers changed, no downtime at all, no large TTLs either

  837. moparisthebest

    nuegia.net, switched because of what was posted earlier here https://your.online/press-release/ + https://exquisite.social/@h3artbl33d/109927449357481623

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  839. nuegia.net

    Isn't this old news? Has anything bad happened since the aquisition,.... other then the corporate propoganda post sounding something james lee's React World(TM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut-0meZV6rI

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  842. moparisthebest

    that press release was just out today I think, and have you seen the website? https://your.online/ that's reason enough to run screaming :P

  843. nuegia.net

    no i haven't not yet

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