XMPP Service Operators - 2023-02-27

  1. Guus

    Fwiw, their current CTO, Wido den Hollander, is someone that I used to do business with (many years ago) though his then company. Nothing but good things to tell about that experience.

  2. Sam@!

    Slightly concerned about the Gandi acquisition. I have both my mail and domains with them. I'll probably wait to see if anything changes and take it from there, unless there's a larger reason to move that I'm missing.

  3. benk

    as long as it's slight no problem

  4. agh

    Can you get name registrars that offer 2+ year renewals anymore?

  5. agh

    What name seizures and takedowns? Are there registrars that product the name owner over legal intervention?

  6. agh

    What about name seizures and takedowns? Are there registrars that protect the name owner over legal intervention?

  7. jonas’

    agh, that depends AFAIK on the registry, not on the registrar. Gandi offers it for some domains, but not for others.

  8. jonas’

    (I think I renewed my .net domain for 5y or so last year)

  9. jonas’

    (but I cannot do that for my .name or .de domains I think)

  10. jonas’

    (and that's also nothing new, has been that way since forever)

  11. agh

    Oh bottoms

  12. agh

    Ah that is the registry, thanks.

  13. nuegia.net

    I don't see what the problem is with the gandi news. Nothing stands out as glaring to me, maybe i'm just not seeing it?

  14. msavoritias

    I havent heard a person saying anything good about the company buying gandi. The opposite in fact

  15. jonas’

    msavoritias, Guus said something good about the current CTO, AIUI.

  16. Guus


  17. Guus

    Granted, it's been years since I talked to that guy. At the time, I met him in person, when he was running the provider that he had started himself. Nothing but excellent service. I've been a happy customer of that company for years. That company got acquired by Versio recently, which appears to be part of your.online organization, if I interpreted things correctly.

  18. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    > agh wrote: > Can you get name registrars that offer 2+ year renewals anymore? yes

  19. jonas’

    moparisthebest, AFAICT, "WHOIS privacy" at inwx is an extra service beyond what most registries have nowadays

  20. jonas’

    at least I still see "REDACTED FOR PRIVACY" on my .name domain after updating my details and not ticking the WHOIS Privacy box

  21. Ellenor Bjornsd.

    possibly "extended privacy"

  22. Menel

    Isn't that a .de feature anyways?

  23. moparisthebest

    jonas’: don't want to risk trying it anyway, and by now I'm all migrated to porkbun, hopefully don't need to do that again for another decade (or preferably longer) 🤞

  24. jonas’

    yup, sure

  25. jaj

    @matrix@mastodon.matrix.org 🔗 https://mastodon.matrix.org/users/matrix/statuses/109937337410727166 - Lots of fun in Brussels today exploring the technical aspects of interoperability in the DMA at the @EU_Commission with @matthew, Cisco, @mozilla, @FAU and Meta. https://competition-policy.ec.europa.eu/dma/dma-workshops/interoperability-workshop_en and https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/dma-workshop-2023-02-27

  26. jaj

    Unfortunately no XMPP council at the table

  27. Guus

    apart from the XSF Board of directors, you mean?

  28. MattJ

    jaj: people from the XSF were there in person, and remote, and many of the conversations included XMPP

  29. jaj

    Oh cool, I didn't see they were present. Very nice to know

  30. Menel

    The XSF account could also post some lines about it on their social channels I guess, just to use the opportunity...

  31. msavoritias

    jaj well it doesnt make sense for them not to be right?

  32. msavoritias

    I did a post from joinjabber here: https://indieweb.social/@joinjabber/109938430730718487

  33. jaj

    msavoritias: I boosted and liked

  34. msavoritias