XMPP Service Operators - 2023-03-10

  1. C3PO

    Sorry for those who already know my question from the German MuC. But the question is just bothering me and I would like to hear opinions. So, if the topic here in this MUC is not yet annoying everyone: What influence do the chat control laws have on XMPP? As an admin of a prosody server with OMEMO, will I be liable to prosecution in the future in Britain if the bill is signed?

  2. C3PO


  3. moparisthebest

    C3PO: do you live in the UK

  4. moparisthebest

    Also your prosody server doesn't "have OMEMO", that's a client feature out of your control

  5. C3PO

    > C3PO: do you live in the UK Good question. No. But I wanted to avoid discussions about the possibility of such bills in Germany. Hence I asked about UK. Because they have a bill in the pipeline ...

  6. C3PO

    > Also your prosody server doesn't "have OMEMO", that's a client feature out of your control Sure. But still I am running a server for communication that cannot be read by me and the government. I think that is the use case which the bill aims at.

  7. C3PO

    No matter if client or server feature.

  8. C3PO

    I mean, if the argument about "client feature, not server" counted, then Signal and WhatsApp would have used it, right?

  9. moparisthebest

    C3PO: they control both though, you don't

  10. moparisthebest

    The only thing you can count on is the bills will aim at the centralized services and ignore things like XMPP, one recently would have made email illegal iirc

  11. moparisthebest

    So if the govt wants to go after you they will

  12. diane

    C3PO, I might suggest internationally based randos are not sufficiently knowledgable about german/EU law to give useful answers. I'd suspect there's civil society activist groups pushing against these laws, kind of like the EFF in the US, and some of those groups probably have a better idea of the actual risks.

  13. diane

    Though sure we should all be tryin to support our local groups and also work on trying to provide help & resources to whoever's privacy is currently getting attacked.

  14. C3PO

    > C3PO: they control both though, you don't Well. Still, they could make their client open source like Threema did. Obviously Signal and WhatsApp do not see that option to stay in the UK ... 🧐

  15. C3PO

    Thanks for your point of view!

  16. C3PO

    diane: Just assume, that I am a British citizen. 🤓

  17. C3PO

    Because for me, chat comtrol seems to a target by many countries these days. Not only UK.

  18. msavoritias

    chat control the eu one? has that even passed?

  19. msavoritias

    but yeah i agree that it doesnt affect small providers obviously

  20. msavoritias

    also I am wondering if the law will even pass in the uk

  21. diane

    wouldn't hurt to encourage people to lobby against it

  22. msavoritias


  23. C3PO


  24. C3PO

    > chat control the eu one? has that even passed? Not that I'd know of. Not yet ... But if the Brits succeed with their bill, the other legislations will follow. At least that is my fear. 🥴 And yes, resistance is needed. 💪

  25. rom1dep

    Hi there, what's the state of the art in terms of bridging with matrix? Does that require an account on the matrix side or is it federating identity as well?

  26. diane

    I am using the matrix bifrost bridge and it's using my xmpp identity.

  27. diane

    the public one hosted by matrix doesn't handle offline messages, but someone invited me to a better one asssociated they called "aria-net"

  28. diane

    also i think some XMPP mucs got attacked by someone coming from matrix via one of the bridges.

  29. rom1dep

    Typescript ans yarn, ootch. Let's see how far that takes me

  30. rom1dep

    Typescript and yarn, ootch. Let's see how far that takes me

  31. Maranda points a dot right near rom1dep 's feet.

  32. Maranda

    right there

  33. rom1dep

    Probably not very far, then 🙂

  34. rom1dep

    Maranda: Some I don't get, isn't it meant to run against a matrix server?

  35. rom1dep

    > This file should be accessible by your homeserver, which will use this file to get the correct url and tokens to push events to.

  36. Maranda

    rom1dep: the appservice registration file? Yes it has to be accessible by the HomeServer

  37. rom1dep

    Maranda: I operate an XMPP server, not a matrix one. Doesn't that rule out bifrost for me?

  38. Maranda

    If you don't want to run a Matrix HomeServer to pair Bifrost with, I suppose so. It's an AppService and Matrix Bridge it won't work without a HS.

  39. Maranda

    and also it doesn't work without a XMPP Server to run on as a component.

  40. diane

    the rumors about matrixes home server memory requirements is why I'm depending on someone elses gateways.

  41. Maranda

    More than a rumor it's an established fact.

  42. rom1dep

    I can't afford running a HS. Is there an alternative which wouldn't require one?

  43. diane

    the solution i used is "use someone elses matrix gateway"

  44. diane

    but mostly i'm just trying to view a couple of public matrix channels

  45. rom1dep

    Kind of defeats the point of federation.. 🙂 But so has Matrix anyway

  46. benk

    May as well just log into matrix.org

  47. diane

    well. the win for me is that the matrix web client i was using seems to make my firefox crash / hang. So this way everything is just accessed via dino

  48. nuegia.net

    Does anybody know how to make multilinguage documents that only show to element containing the u ser's language preference on xhtml? I know XMPP has multilingual stanzas that do that but i'm at a loss for xhtml