XMPP Service Operators - 2023-03-16

  1. MattJ

    Two announcements:

  2. MattJ

    1) xmppbl.org now has a web page! https://xmppbl.org/

  3. MattJ

    2) The Riddim XMPP bot framework now has an RTBL plugin, so it can protect channels even if the server does not have native RTBL support. There are setup instructions linked from the above page.

  4. TheCoffeMaker

    MattJ: it is the nginx's welcome page

  5. MattJ

    Did you visit the page before today? Your browser may have cached the old page, try reloading.

  6. Peter Waher

    MattJ: In the for developers section: Can you add the server and node used to publish the items?

  7. TheCoffeMaker

    > Did you visit the page before today? Your browser may have cached the old page, try reloading. No, but reloaded and now I can see it

  8. Peter Waher


  9. TheCoffeMaker

    MattJ: will try the bot later! Thx for it

  10. MattJ

    Peter Waher, in an implementation both the JID and node should be configuration variables. The service is just 'xmppbl.org' and the node depends on which list you want to subscribe to. Currently there is only one, but that is likely to change.

  11. MattJ

    Peter Waher, I just added a note about this detail here: https://xmppbl.org/#how-do-i-use-the-rtbls

  12. Peter Waher

    Does it include only blocking of JIDs, or also blocking of domains?

  13. Peter Waher

    MattJ: Thanks

  14. MattJ

    Good question, actually Prosody's implementation supports domains. I didn't add that to the bot though, I probably should.

  15. Peter Waher

    If you control a domain, itโ€™s easy to generate new JIDs for all messages, but still enter a room under the same Nickname.

  16. Peter Waher

    (to evade a JID-centric block-list)

  17. MattJ


  18. MattJ

    Updated the dev section with a note about that

  19. Peter Waher

    excellent, thanks

  20. TheCoffeMaker

    MattJ, just a simple correction

  21. TheCoffeMaker


  22. TheCoffeMaker

    you put doman instead of domain

  23. MattJ

    Fixed, thanks

  24. TheCoffeMaker