XMPP Service Operators - 2023-03-20

  1. benk

    >> XMPP is doing a pretty good job > _24 years later, monthly cert expired issue_ > :roll8eyes: Server can do automatic renewal?

  2. Licaon_Kter

    benk: in theory they all do, yet...

  3. moparisthebest

    well you see not everyone runs Arch Linux...

  4. Harper

    I have certbot-renew.service enabled but have the keys for ejabber in a different path

  5. Harper

    ^example failure mode

  6. earthling

    same problem with "mpro.la", but I believe that one is older

  7. Licaon_Kter

    moparisthebest: wat?

  8. ben

    I don't even use Linux

  9. nuegia.net

    that illegal hackor oberating system

  10. nuegia.net

    made by russian hacker linyos torvoltus

  11. ben

    That's an old meme

  12. andrey.utkin

    Has anyone ('s users) encountered an issue of unknown ISRG Root X1 certificate today?

  13. MattJ

    I've seen no such reports

  14. Martin

    My server also didn't nag me about any s2s failures today.

  15. Menel

    One upon a time we had that massively. But currently everything is calm