XMPP Service Operators - 2023-03-22

  1. zeko


  2. ben

    Иди на хуй

  3. zeko

    Соси его

  4. jonas’

    stick to english please

  5. nuegia.net

    I didn't realize cloudflare required you to hand over your dns servers to protect you from attacks

  6. nuegia.net

    thought it was a simple 'point a cname here to protect service'

  7. MattJ

    It's been a while (like, 10 years?) since I used it, but I think they support both. Could well have changed though.

  8. nuegia.net

    from documentation i'm seeing they support what their calling 'partial dns' but they require you to pay an extra 200 dollars a month for it.

  9. nuegia.net

    Are there better reverse proxy services out there to protect against attacks?

  10. nuegia.net

    preferably ones that work with xmpp or generic tcp

  11. MattJ

    nuegia.net, my advice: don't worry about it. There aren't really any alternatives to Cloudflare, or at least none that someone trying to avoid Cloudflare would be happy with. Being able to sink DDoS traffic is something only large entities with significant network control/influence can achieve.

  12. MattJ

    Outside of such organizations, your best option is just being on good terms with your hosting provider (who also does not want to be affected by DDoS)

  13. jonas’

    protecting against attacks doesn't stop at protecting against DDoS tho

  14. MattJ

    For example, OVH have automated DDoS protection: https://www.ovhcloud.com/en/security/anti-ddos/

  15. jonas’

    (any provider of non-trivial size likely has these days)

  16. MattJ


  17. MattJ

    You're right, I guess I read "attacks" as "DDoS attacks" because that's the context Cloudflare usually comes up in

  18. TheCoffeMaker

    Seems someone is spamming carrots, do we have his jid to ban in advance?

  19. MattJ

    They're using multiple JIDs, their accounts are on the RTBL and deleted already

  20. TheCoffeMaker

    Mm didnt have a chance to deploy the rtbl bot yet

  21. Licaon_Kter

    TheCoffeMaker: don't forget to target `carrot`

  22. TheCoffeMaker


  23. TheCoffeMaker

    rtbl bot added ... MattJ how can I help to make it available for arm64 ?

  24. MattJ

    I probably just need to update my release build script

  25. TheCoffeMaker

    great ... just asking ... added the bot to the only x86 running on my infra 😅️ ... connected to rooms right away ... how can I check if it works?

  26. MattJ

    No easy way right now, though I've been considering setting up a test channel

  27. TheCoffeMaker

    Will ping you later on jdev witha few ideas

  28. 00c

    Is it possible to configure my server so I can send people text messages through my XMPP client?

  29. Trung

    00c: what you mean?

  30. 00c

    Do you happen to familiar with Signal?

  31. jonas’

    you mean an SMS gateway

  32. jonas’

    there is jmp.chat and/or https://cheogram.com/ for this kind of stuff

  33. 00c

    Signal is removing SMS support.

  34. 00c

    Signal has removed SMS support.

  35. ben

    Which is funny because Google and Facebook are still at it

  36. 00c

    Please explain.

  37. ben

    Their messaging apps do SMS

  38. Trung

    my nokia does SMS just fine 😁

  39. 00c

    I do my best to avoid google and facebook. I only use google for my university's email.

  40. 00c

    How do their apps communicate SMS? Can I implement this into my XMPP server?

  41. jonas’

    they probably talk to the APIs on the phone directly.

  42. jonas’

    as they need access to the SIM card to send SMS from your own number

  43. jonas’

    as they need access to the SIM card to send/receive SMS with your own number

  44. jonas’

    so nothing server-side at all

  45. 00c

    I've gotten phising text's from JIDs.

  46. 00c

    I ignore them.

  47. diane

    00c, if you're looking for a SMS gateway you might want to look at https://jmp.chat/ it's a small FOSS company that bridges the traditional phone network to XMPP.

  48. 00c

    Cheogram looks like a fork of Conversations.

  49. diane

    I think I've also seen some sms/xmpp gateway code but that'd need to run on a device with a mobile network modem.

  50. Menel

    It is 00c, you'll find much more if you look longer

  51. 00c

    Does this mean that I'll have to move my XMPP server to a phone or sim enabled laptop?

  52. Menel

    No. That's all via internet.

  53. 00c

    Thank you so much for all of your answers and help.

  54. 00c

    I have difficulty explaining myself. I want to be able to type my contacts phone number into XMPP and send them an SMS message.

  55. Licaon_Kter

    00c: jmp.chat will help you with that

  56. 00c

    I also want my contacts to be able to text my JID and I get an XMPP message.

  57. Menel

    Same answer

  58. Menel

    Well, text your phone number

  59. Menel

    Texting your jid they do with an xmpp client

  60. 00c

    If my contact has an XMPP client, I want them to send me OMEMO encrypted messages.

  61. Licaon_Kter

    00c: Send an xmpp message they get an sms They send an SMS you get an xmpp message

  62. 00c


  63. Menel

    That works with something like jmp.chat yes

  64. diane

    00c, you're looking for something kind of like signal where you find each other by phone number, but if both sides support it the message is upgraded to an encrypted message?

  65. 00c

    Diane , Yes. That's exactly it.

  66. Menel


  67. Licaon_Kter

    00c: > If my contact has an XMPP client, I want them to send me OMEMO encrypted messages. Your first message then should be _"hey, I'm cutting down my SMS usage, we can talk on XMPP, I can help you set up"_

  68. Menel

    No automatic upgrade tho

  69. Menel

    That would require an app that can do SMS and xmpp

  70. Licaon_Kter

    00c: if they use Android just tell them to install Quicksy from their app store (F-Droid, Play)

  71. Licaon_Kter

    For iOS they need to create an account with Monal from App Store (for now)

  72. Licaon_Kter

    For iOS they need to create an account with Monal from App Store (for now) https://eversten.net/en/blog/monal/

  73. Licaon_Kter

    Anyway, we've gonne offtopic here

  74. 00c

    What is this channels topic?

  75. Licaon_Kter

    00c: menu - details - read?

  76. 00c

    I'm an XMPP server operator.

  77. 00c

    I'm a beginner who needs help.

  78. Licaon_Kter

    We've over that already, for SMS stuff go to xmpp:discuss@conference.soprani.ca?join

  79. Licaon_Kter

    Any other subjects you need help with as an operator?

  80. Licaon_Kter

    Did you setup cron to regen your certificates?

  81. 00c

    No. I do it manually every 90 days.

  82. 00c

    It's not worth setting up right now. I plan on moving servers by the end of the month.

  83. Harper

    sudo systemctl enable certbot-renew.service --now

  84. 00c

    Goodbye. It was nice chatting with you. Thank you so much for all of your help and answers.

  85. Trung


  86. Trung

    00c: bookmark this room so you come back next time.

  87. Trung

    > Connection from trung.fun to jabber.de failed ! > Cert hash: 94944b9707b14f2b07992dff393a1f0dd185b2c3 > Error: Error with certificate 0: unable to get local issuer certificate, unable to verify the first certificate.

  88. Menel

    Same for me

  89. Menel

    Just now

  90. Martin

    > x509: certificate signed by unknown authority Yep, probably not using the fullchain.pem…

  91. Martin

    Oh, jabber.de is operated by a new team: https://www.jabber.de/

  92. Martin

    > Currently we do not support registering new accounts through our webpage. If you want to create a new account on Jabber.de, please do so directly from your preferred client. A list of Jabber-clients can be found here. https://www.jabber.de/?page_id=49 I hope they have some precautions to not turn into a spam server… :-/