XMPP Service Operators - 2023-03-29

  1. Harper

    party@conversations.im for rtbl please

  2. root

    Harper: same kind of spamming from that JID as the others?

  3. Harper

    yes, spamming the same muc and youtube links and bonus profane pfp

  4. ernst.on.tour

    openim.de seems to be down ?

  5. MattJ

    Roi, ^

  6. MattJ

    I believe a migration is happening today

  7. ernst.on.tour

    Ah, okay

  8. Roi

    MattJ, ernst.on.tour, Yes, Import to database is in progress. Lots of archive2 data...

  9. Roi

    But everything else is already set. Also the domain has already been transferred.

  10. Martin

    Roi: > (This host does not serve openim.de)

  11. Roi

    Yeah. Not activated, yet. Data is still importing...

  12. ernst.on.tour

    There was no announcement and hot-chilli is alive, thought about big problems 😉

  13. Roi

    No, the idea was spontaneous. The old admin wanted to shut down everything. Then we thought otherwise.

  14. Roi

    Give the import some time, sorry. It looks like a lot of MAM stuff was horded there. I believe that a lot of this stuff won't survive the first housekeeping here. ;-)

  15. Martin

    Ah, openim was not port of hot-chilli.net before. I thought hot-chilli is doing some server migration.

  16. Martin

    Ah, openim was not part of hot-chilli.net before. I thought hot-chilli is doing some server migration.

  17. Roi

    Nope. openim.de was the same admin as jabber.de

  18. Martin

    Ah, I see. I just saw a few days ago that jabber.de was moved to a team in poland.

  19. Roi


  20. p42ity

    Interesting: This means: The admin of OpenIM.de and jabber.de does not want to host anymore. Jabber.de moved to someone in Poland and OpenIM went to hot-chilli. In such a case: Are the users informed that there account is moved to another admin?

  21. MattJ

    If the operators inform them, yes

  22. MattJ

    If not, how would anyone know?

  23. MattJ

    pep., ^ something for the "manifesto"? ^

  24. Roi

    I can only speak for the openim.de domain. I decided to not inform the users. If someone is not happy, he/she can delete the account with all data from the new server. And the old server will be wiped according to the old admin.

  25. Roi

    As this is a free service I cannot provide a personal service for deleting users who are not happy BEFORE the transfer. As simple as it is...

  26. Martin

    I'd think the old server admin should inform the users before handing the service over to someone else.

  27. Menel

    I would think it is less about deleting something _for_ a user, but more to inform them at all with a message, so they can make an informed decision.

  28. Menel

    I would guess it is primarily the old admins dutie, best some in advance

  29. Menel

    I would guess it is primarily the old admins duty, best some in advance

  30. pep.

    MattJ, yeah certainly. Would be good to add

  31. Harper

    why not just start fresh?

  32. Harper

    why give away a user base like that?

  33. Roi

    For openim.de the termination of the service was planned (which was also on the website for weeks), than another decision was made. In principle you are right, would have been the better way, yes.

  34. Menel

    Users are lazy and want their rooms and history Harper.

  35. MattJ

    Harper, less disruption for users. And less of a security risk. For example, what if someone re-registers your account before you do? Then all your contacts think they are you.

  36. Menel

    The fediverse has some guidelines and ideas for this, at least there is a bunch of servers that promise to adhere to some rules there. It is required to be listed on some register lists there

  37. jonas’

    I would not be surprised if not informing users beforehand is a GDPR violation.

  38. msavoritias

    good point

  39. Menel

    I guess most servers violate that anyway 🙂

  40. msavoritias

    I dont see how

  41. p42ity

    > I would not be surprised if not informing users beforehand is a GDPR violation. I also think so. I think the best way is: The old admin should always inform the users what will change. The users can "opt in" to migrate. All accounts which do not answer should be deleted before migrating.

  42. Licaon_Kter

    p42ity: maybe all accounts that the users *did not delete* should be migrated

  43. Licaon_Kter

    Once informed they are free to choose.

  44. Licaon_Kter

    Lack of action is an option.

  45. p42ity

    Licaon_Kter: I get your point. It is much more comfortable and more unrisky to unexpected behaviour. But I am not quite sure, if this is an appropriate way. But: Both ways are much better that just switching to another admin.

  46. msavoritias

    yeah it should be opt in not opt out

  47. msavoritias

    also an opt out scheme would be also incompatible with gdpr

  48. Menel

    Is someone buys some company where I've an account, they generally don't use opt in?

  49. jonas’

    opt out seems to work for companies, so I assume it's legal-ish or nobody cares enough if they're informed.

  50. jonas’

    handing over user data without even informing is ... probably not a good idea

  51. msavoritias

    yeah. just because companies do it and nobody has been fined doesnt mean its legal

  52. msavoritias

    or is ethical/right for that matter

  53. Trung

    If there are good ethic, there's no need for laws. And therefore, how much laws will be enforced on us rather than acting out of our own will is entirely depends on us 😊

  54. jonas’

    msavoritias, indeed