XMPP Service Operators - 2023-03-30

  1. fireburner

    Is mightyBroccoli here? lineage@conference.magicbroccoli.de?join would need some moderation

  2. fireburner

    Anyone else here, that has access to magicbroccoli.de?

  3. p42ity

    fireburner: i sent him a private message with your input.

  4. nuegia.net


  5. fireburner

    p42ity: thx

  6. mightyBroccoli

    fireburner, It seems that the owner / creator of that muc hasent been online for quite some time. he also created the openhardware muc, from which one user stepped forward to moderate until he either comes back or some final solution is found. I'll see what I can do.

  7. fireburner

    mightyBroccoli: thx

  8. j.r (jugendhacker.de)

    zek@chatterboxtown.us might be another spammer, at least they are writing random stuff in Cyrillic letters in a MUC where I am an admin

  9. MattJ

    Confirmed, yes, they're on the RTBL

  10. j.r (jugendhacker.de)

    Wasn't chatterboxtown.us a quite unmaintained Server anyways?

  11. MattJ

    Not that I'm aware

  12. jonas’

    no, just wrong timezone

  13. MattJ

    Last time I reported accounts to the admin they were suspended within an hour

  14. MattJ

    But yes, time zones make a difference

  15. j.r (jugendhacker.de)

    Oh okay, then I remembered it wrong

  16. Harper

    I have an issue with zek, they're marked an outcast yet can still join and send messages, but don't even show up in server list

  17. MattJ

    Which channel?