XMPP Service Operators - 2023-04-30

  1. me9

    Hello there. Does anyone know the e2e.ee server and it's owner edward? It's an XMPP server from Columbia if I remember correctly. The website doesn't seem to work anymore and my account on there doesn't connect. It is possible that that's been the case for a longer time tho (since January of this year or later), but I found it out today. What happened?

  2. Aarti

    Check if their YouTube is still active maybe?

  3. me9

    You mean they have a YouTube channel, Aarti? I can't find anything right now.

  4. Aarti

    Yes I remember him posting tutorials and vlogs in the jungle

  5. Aarti


  6. Aarti

    Looks inactive too

  7. me9

    Oh, I didn't know about that. The last time I saw him post something was March 2022. In January this year, the website's certificate expired.

  8. moparisthebest

    Setting up new thing: fun and rewarding Maintaining it forever: tedious and thankless

  9. me9

    True. :/ If anyone knows more and you read this, please tell me.

  10. Aarti

    Looks like the personal channel was uploaded 7 months ago

  11. Aarti

    So that narrow the window a little

  12. Aarti

    (Then and Jan)

  13. me9

    Ah, I missed that.