XMPP Service Operators - 2023-05-03

  1. nuegia.net

    anyone here have experience with crowdsec

  2. Trung

    what does xmpp.net is for atm?

  3. MattJ

    Trung, hosting various XMPP community projects

  4. MattJ

    Technically that's what it has been for a very long time

  5. MattJ

    But it was only hosting one project for a very long time, now it has quite a few

  6. Trung

    thanks MattJ, I gotta be away - will carry on poking this later

  7. iiro


  8. iiro

    i am wondering how (un)reliable slidge is for whatsapp

  9. iiro

    the group support is labeled "experimental"

  10. Quinn

    iiro: There's a MUC dedicated to Slidge: xmpp:slidge@conference.nicoco.fr?join I've been using Slidge for groupchats reliably for a while, though I haven't tested WhatsApp

  11. Trung

    ``` Connection from xmpp.net to trung.fun failed ! Cert hash: 8389624d64f2a4aee1c2d3bcf4ec15ff21f98a0d Error: Error with certificate 0: certificate has expired. ```

  12. MattJ

    Trung: there is no (valid) XMPP service at xmpp.net, don't worry about any errors with that domain

  13. Trung