XMPP Service Operators - 2023-05-22

  1. minist3r

    > sedula: assuming `darkweb.im` and `onion.im` are not actual domains, but placeholders you used to allude to the domains under `.onion` TLD, then you either need an account on some .onion xmpp server, or find a clearnet server that was configured to communicate with .onion domains (conversations.im isn't one of those) How do you get an account on those domains?

  2. sedula

    Darkweb.im yes

  3. sedula

    Onion.im no

  4. ☭Mike Yellow

    What happened to 07f.de? It can not connect to any other server now. And its website becomes ”404 not found“.

  5. minist3r

    > Darkweb.im yes How do u aquire one of these addresses?