XMPP Service Operators - 2023-06-17

  1. TheCoffeMaker

    > I don't want to go to Raleigh. who said we are not there?

  2. zweifel

    > > ihatexmppwithallmymight@conversations.im for rtbl please, reason: posting gore > one of this user's alts: templeos@xmpp.is Two more active accounts: elitegenderinversion@xmpp.is boomchakalaka@conversations.im

  3. Projjal

    can confirm the boomchakalaka one

  4. ctibor

    desfor@conversations.im for rtbl

  5. ctibor

    plz^ they're spamming another cp muc again

  6. MattJ

    ctibor: done

  7. ctibor


  8. m01


  9. m01

    This room for chat or support ?

  10. m01