XMPP Service Operators - 2023-07-14

  1. sagaracharya

    What is DirectTLS?

  2. sagaracharya


  3. sagaracharya

    I corrected 2 errors

  4. sagaracharya

    2 more to go. I just don't get what xmpps is and DirectTLS

  5. jonas’

    sagaracharya, see XEP-0368

  6. sagaracharya

    Send link

  7. jonas’

    sagaracharya, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0368.html

  8. opal

    moparisthebest, lol i guess its safe to rejoin

  9. sagaracharya

    I am running PowerDNS

  10. sagaracharya

    What does it exactly do?

  11. sagaracharya

    There's no feedback. I'm not having the feeling that I've achieved anything by hosting pdns.

  12. opal

    it's ontopic for my muc but you were scared away without me even threatening you away

  13. opal

    we would actually help you there cus we know a thing or two about sysadmin

  14. opal

    but you keep it here in an xmpp-centric den full of people who are tired of your presence here

  15. opal


  16. opal

    and MattJ is too much of a pushover to do a single thing

  17. opal

    keep your trash

  18. opal

    dont re-invite me

  19. opal

    i'll continue lurking the spec muc like a real xmpp dev

  20. fatoumata

    what is this awful petty gatekeeping?

  21. opal

    gatekeeping? so far i heard "keep it on topic"

  22. opal

    and im drifting further away from the topic

  23. opal

    guess it was a lie

  24. opal

    this whole room

  25. opal

    i want more people to use xmpp but im not getting it shit up like irc

  26. opal

    i saw what happened to that

  27. opal

    if im right about this being a free-for-all then i will gladly be banned from this muc

  28. opal

    theres your blessing, mods

  29. Menel

    opal: could you please not attack people in this muc? That would be great. Don't make it bad for everyone.

  30. opal

    menel you can ban me then, oh wait

  31. opal

    MattJ, it really is looking like a free-for-all in here

  32. opal

    wake up.

  33. opal

    i frontseat.

  34. opal

    with the shotgun.

  35. sagaracharya

    What is an authoritative DNS?

  36. opal

    it lets you visit a search engine by typing a domain name in your browser, pretty handy