XMPP Service Operators - 2023-09-05

  1. deport

    would it be a bad idea to try to run an xmpp server with IPv6 only?

  2. jonas’

    it will probably cause some connectivity issues, but the big ones have IPv6 I think

  3. Menel

    It will be likely a problem for some users, there are a lot of wifi networks Ipv4 only and some mobiles don't have it enabled by default in the sim settings. But especially the case with the wifi can make non-tech users thinking it is just unreliable.

  4. debacle

    quokka Some of my most relevant contacts are on jabber.de, unfortunately. I'll try to push them to other servers ASAP. There is no easy-to-use (and widely implemented) migration function in XMPP like Mastodon has, right?

  5. jonas’

    not with an offline source server

  6. jonas’

    (with an online source server, MattJ built something…)

  7. Martin


  8. Martin

    That's what jonas’ is talking about i think.

  9. jonas’

    thanks, yes, I didn't find it in my history

  10. theavidhorizon

    hi, does anyone know what happened with jabber.de?

  11. jonas’

    I heard rumors of disk damage, but I have no clue how true those are.

  12. debacle

    Thanks! Martin, jonas’, it's probably pretty off-topic here, but I'm curious how e.g. Mastodon migration and this one compares. Both feature-wise and UX. Better I'll pester MattJ in the prosody MUC about it?

  13. theavidhorizon

    I used beagle (mac os client by tigase) and I have been trying to contact a fellow xmpp user. The icon would show that I was away, but no muc or anything has been updated for several days. Their webpage is gone as well. Thank you for letting me know, jonas'

  14. Menel

    debacle: It is not yet as feature complete, it is not at all how mastodon does it. That would also require sever and client(s) support.... You don't inform the other clients of the new address, there is no automatic routing to the new address, there is no message history migration. At the moment It importes the roster and avatar I think

  15. debacle

    Menel Thanks for the information! So there is a lot of stuff to do, as always :-)

  16. MattJ

    The XEPs already exist for it, and there is a Prosody plugin, as always

  17. ☭Mike Yellow

    stefgo.net is down.

  18. jacob.eva

    Am I right in saying yax.im is down too? I haven't been able to connect to their monal MUC for a couple days now...

  19. moparisthebest

    I think they've been having some problems, Ge0rG ^

  20. Martin

    Works here.

  21. Ge0rG

    jacob.eva: I can't confirm. There were a few minor outages and a server reboot, but I'm on yax.im right now

  22. Guus

    IgniteRealtime.org is having issues, as we're test running a new network stack. Annoyingly, we also need to rebuild most of our network diagnostics. If anyone can tell me what duplicate XML attribute Ignite is sending out, possibly directly after SASL EXTERNAL has been established (causing your server to close the connection, because of malformed XML), that would be very welcome.

  23. Guus

    (Ignite is logging stream errors it receives from other servers, with 'duplicate attribute' in their error text, but those do not define what attribute is the cause of this.)

  24. jacob.eva

    > jacob.eva: I can't confirm. There were a few minor outages and a server reboot, but I'm on yax.im right now OK, no worries