XMPP Service Operators - 2023-10-11

  1. Licaon_Kter

    PSA update *curl https://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2023/10/11/how-i-made-a-heap-overflow-in-curl/

  2. kainan

    reminder that automatic updates are useless if you never reboot

  3. MattJ

    I think that's an over-generalization - many updates don't require a reboot. In the case of XMPP servers, if it's a library that's been updated then a restart of the XMPP daemon may be all that's needed. In the case of a command-line tool like curl, no reboot is needed. There is libcurl though, which is used as a library by many things. Kernel updates require a reboot (generally, but even then there are ways...)

  4. MattJ

    At least Debian is generally pretty good at telling you when an update needs to reboot or restart services

  5. Martin

    Does it by default? I always install needrestart for this.

  6. MattJ

    Is it not installed by default? I have it most places

  7. MattJ

    Weird, can't see that it is default

  8. MattJ

    Just suggested by unattended-upgrades

  9. MattJ

    Anyway, veering off-topic... :)

  10. jonas’

    reboots are the safest way to make sure all updates are applied though

  11. MattJ

    Sure. That doesn't make automatic updates useless though :)

  12. kainan


  13. jonas’

    one thing which *does* make your automated updates useless is if you don't monitor it :)

  14. jonas’

    I had a case the other day where a server was set up with unattended-upgrades, but it hadn't updated for months because grub-pc failed to reconfigure because of some stupid device renaming issue.

  15. jonas’

    that goes by silently unless you read your cron mails, and who does that.

  16. MattJ

    Me, actually :P

  17. jonas’