XMPP Service Operators - 2023-10-14

  1. sagaracharya

    Are there any changes for this in today's times?

  2. sagaracharya

    I believe as they're bare metal. They should work straight away

  3. sagaracharya

    Folks, I wanted to talk about networking protocols

  4. sagaracharya

    How to limit prosody database size?

  5. sagaracharya

    Say I want to limit it to 4GB. How to do that?

  6. Menel

    You don't

  7. Menel

    If you have limited users and limited message history it will be less then 4gb, but there isn't a ready option anywhere. You could write some script to check and adjust mam time... But if the database is big because of pep nodes and not mam you would reduce your message history to zero over time etc

  8. moparisthebest

    It'll probably never get that big

  9. Menel

    Yeah, 4gb in text is a lot of books. And it compresses good too... if one uses a compressed file system...

  10. Trung

    a single stick is not even 100 $USD : https://it365.vn/ram-ddr4-ecc-registered-64gb-2666v

  11. Menel

    The database is not the same as used ram

  12. Trung

    oh you want database sorry i misread lol

  13. Trung


  14. ben

    Hard to ignore you when you type in all caps

  15. sagaracharya

    Documents or images could easily fill up

  16. sagaracharya

    Today, almost all phones have 2.5MB images in general

  17. Bob Evans

    I don't take images on my phone.

  18. sagaracharya

    Yes, but you get the point. 100 users would store 250MB per image

  19. Bob Evans

    This person attempted to retract a previous message, but it's unsupported by your client.

  20. sagaracharya

    Assuming image isn't compressed

  21. MattJ

    sagaracharya: see the global quota here: https://prosody.im/doc/modules/mod_http_file_share#global-quota

  22. Menel

    I didn't count file upload to the database sagaracharya 🙂 that can be larger very quick of course. But there is also that remedy therefore

  23. Guus

    is jabbers.one using different IP addresses for inbound and outbound s2s?

  24. sagaracharya

    > sagaracharya: see the global quota here: https://prosody.im/doc/modules/mod_http_file_share#global-quota Does it require any extra modules or it is there by default?

  25. sagaracharya

    Will one have to add upload CNAME record?

  26. Menel

    You need a record, be it cname or A/AAAA for your HTTP services yes. But why not coming to the prosody room for these questions prosody@conference.prosody.im