XMPP Service Operators - 2023-10-30

  1. chunk

    Lightning Bjornsson: for a fee

  2. Lightning Bjornsson

    Who are you?

  3. chunk

    nunya bizniz

  4. chunk

    pls use the correct support channels to access this information. you can send a support ticket to /dev/null and the abyss will reply to you at earliest convenience (never)

  5. chunk

    I am the greatest ever chunk!

  6. chunk

    ope, gratuitious ARP, get back here

  7. Lightning Bjornsson


  8. chunk

    I am weird, in this I have no doubt

  9. jonas’

    FYI, there was a DNS issue with search.jabber.network which may have caused MUCs to disappear from the index in the past few days. They should reappear over the course of the next 24h hours.

  10. emus

    Dear community, please remind to sign-up for the *XMPP Summit 26* or at least tell that you are considering to join (and maybe reasons that prevent you). That very much helps organisation. https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Conferences/Summit_26#Summit_Participants If you have no access please ask the members to help you. Cheers, Eddie

  11. audamar

    is that just for presenters to signup? will videos be available after or live?

  12. MattJ

    There won't likely be any recordings. The format of the summit is mostly group discussion, not presentations.

  13. audamar


  14. audamar

    have fun then :)

  15. emus

    audamar: all in-person should ideally list themselves

  16. emus

    audamar: all in-person attendees should ideally list themselves