XMPP Service Operators - 2023-11-01

  1. Guus

    Ge0rG: do you see inbound S2S connections from Ignite? I'm seeing a lot of timeouts being reported in our logs. Those seem to be unique to your domain. (I've tried asking you this in a direct message, but given the s2s issues, I'm not sure if those messages get delivered...)

  2. jonas’

    Guus, providing a specific domain name would probably be helpful

  3. Guus

    I'm unsure if Ge0rG wants his associated advertised, which is why I didn't

  4. MattJ

    If it's yax.im, it's fine, otherwise possibly not

  5. jonas’

    Guus, I meant _your_ domain, if possible :)

  6. jonas’

    I'm sure Ge0rG knows his domains :)

  7. Guus

    Oh, I mentioned 'from ignite'

  8. Guus

    shorthand for igniterealtime.org

  9. Guus

    I could've been more clear :)

  10. Guus

    and yes, it was yax.im

  11. Guus

    anyone else notice that s2s takes considerably longer with that domain, or is that something specific to me?

  12. Guus

    I appear to be using a timeout of 5 seconds, which arguably is on the low side.

  13. MattJ

    yax.im does most things on the slow side

  14. MattJ

    Migration to a new server is planned

  15. Guus

    I ment our 5 second timeout isn't very forgiving. I've bumped it up a bit.

  16. Guus

    but it's good to know that it's probably just a timeout, not a deeper problem on our end.

  17. jonas’

    five seconds is really slim

  18. Guus

    Yeah, I agree. Turns out it works for all but one of the domains that we frequently connect to though.

  19. jonas’

    I'd say anything below 30s is too slim, depending on how you measure. 5s in the overall process may easily be caused if your primary DNS recursor is offline.

  20. chunk

    suddenly everybody's double checking their certs :D