XMPP Service Operators - 2023-11-04

  1. nuegia.net-backup


  2. nuegia.net-backup

    still having an issue where stopping prosody causes a kpanic

  3. moparisthebest

    Hilarious and sad at the same time

  4. nuegia.net-backup

    at least soon I should have some time to debug it

  5. nuegia.net-backup

    And we are back ( Hopefully :) )

  6. nuegia.net

    tor doesn't seem to connect to any nodes when it doesn't have ipv4 addresses

  7. deport

    I think that's expected, right?

  8. nuegia.net-backup


  9. nuegia.net-backup

    v6 is available and the router has nat64

  10. nuegia.net-backup

    it should be connecting to the tor network

  11. nuegia.net-backup

    but there's no connections reported in nyx

  12. rewtkid

    nuegia.net: i had a similar issue before, but for whatever reason it was resolved when i used a bridge.

  13. rewtkid

    so that may be worth a try.

  14. nuegia.net


  15. nuegia.net

    i'm not using linux but i found in the man page here https://man.archlinux.org/man/tor.1.en options ClientUseIPv4 0|1 and CLientUse IPv6

  16. nuegia.net

    it seems like v6 is disabled by default (weird). I'm going to try enabling that first then i'll use a bridge if that doesn't work

  17. nuegia.net

    that seems to have done something. nyx reports data flowing now but no connections

  18. nuegia.net

    oh tor is bootstrapping... just really slowly

  19. nuegia.net

    Remote server not found (Server-to-server connection failed: connection refused) trying to federate with 13f0.net

  20. shokara

    nuegia.net: sorry, I forgot to enable ipv6 on prosody. you should be able to connect now

  21. shokara

    if not, please send output of `openssl s_client -6 -connect 13f0.net:5269 -starttls xmpp`

  22. nuegia.net

    shokara, ok

  23. nuegia.net

    I also added two more SRV records.

  24. shokara


  25. nuegia.net

    if you have IPv6, you can connect directly to the server. If you only have v4 or can't reach the server directly for some other reason, there's a fallback proxy server with a higher srv priority with a legacy ip

  26. nuegia.net

    hopefully that works better with 'dialback security'

  27. shokara

    I hope so

  28. shokara

    do you have a resource/xep where I can read more about those two srv records?

  29. nuegia.net

    cool, looks like federation is working again with 13f0.net

  30. shokara


  31. nuegia.net

    shokara, yes you were supposed to have set these up when you installed your server. documentation here: https://prosody.im/doc/dns

  32. shokara

    ah I thought I already had them setup, looks like I didn't.

  33. nuegia.net

    that would help

  34. Maranda


  35. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    rick-roll400@conversations.im One plus, phone vpn person

  36. jonas’

    MSavoritias (fae,ve): on the list since 09:52 CET already

  37. MSavoritias (fae,ve)