XMPP Service Operators - 2023-11-21

  1. Riku Viitanen

    Unattended upgrades is awesome, been using that on my debian vps. Arch-derivatives on laptops though.

  2. deport

    I'm trying to figure out which clients support the receiving of the requests for voice when a group chat is in moderated mode.

  3. deport

    Maybe the best way is to check for support of some XEP? If so, do you know which XEP applies here?

  4. Menel

    A strange way to spell gajim, 🙂

  5. deport

    Also, while I know that gajim can send these requests, I have no idea if or which other clients support sending them

  6. savagepeanut

    Cheogram supports sending them

  7. Steven Roose

    > Cheogram supports sending them Upstream conversations doesn't?

  8. Menel

    It doesn't

  9. deport

    does anyone know if there is a central wiki or something that supports tracking feature support in all clients for cases like this?

  10. cal0pteryx

    voice request support is hard to track, since I think it's part of XEP-0045. otherwise, https://xmpp.org/extensions/ shows you a list of implementations for each XEP

  11. Licaon_Kter

    deport: xmpp.org has a DOAP list iirc?

  12. UncleAram

    > How often are you updating on an Arch server? I've run an arch server as well. Its surprisingly stable, especially if you use the LTS kernel. No version upgrades either.

  13. maike

    How do you all schedule your backups?

  14. TheCoffeMaker

    what backups?

  15. TheCoffeMaker

    sorry ... I meant ... what? backups?