XMPP Service Operators - 2023-12-08

  1. nuegia.net

    FreeBSD kernel-paniced again

  2. nuegia.net

    this time with the 14.0-RELEASE kernel

  3. ben

    not normal

  4. kwaku

    nuegia.net, just switch to linux already

  5. rewtkid

    or openbsd ;)

  6. moparisthebest

    nuegia.net, https://www.moparisthebest.com/images/i-only-use-arch-linux.png

  7. theavidhorizon

    freebsd 14 has been a constant source of irritation for me of late, so I am retiring it and migrating to openbsd.

  8. nuegia.net

    unix.dog, having problems? I get federation timeouts

  9. ben is running fbsd 14 problem free

  10. nuegia.net

    > kwaku as soon as linux stops being systemd-linuxd

  11. nuegia.net

    all these comments about linux are unhelpful and unwanted

  12. jacob.eva

    >> kwaku > as soon as linux stops being systemd-linuxd kek

  13. jonas’

    > all these comments about linux are unhelpful and unwanted they are indeed, in both directions.

  14. jonas’

    deport, re the HE thing: it very much depends on the contracts and terms HE has. They may very well have a term which states that only outages count against their SLA, not maintenances (scheduled or unscheduled).

  15. r00tobo

    nuegia.net, Devuan is a systemd-free linux

  16. Menel

    r00tobo: > all these comments about linux are unhelpful and unwanted

  17. r00tobo

    OK sorry then, it's off-topic I think anyway

  18. nuegia.net

    server kpaniced again

  19. nuegia.net

    it's the same bug from 13 that's in 14-release too

  20. yakov

    nuegia.net, https://fedoraproject.org/server/

  21. nuegia.net

    server's back up now

  22. nuegia.net

    r00tobo, yeah I use Devuan on my workstation and used to use it on my servers too

  23. nuegia.net

    Devuan is good, but when I use Linux there's still the assumption from software of systemd

  24. nuegia.net

    the Devuan project has limited manpower

  25. nuegia.net

    meanwhile a lot of Linux software out there is being influenced heavily by redhat, and I really despise rhel post6

  26. nuegia.net

    if i wanted to run rhel i'd just run rhel

  27. nuegia.net

    I don't like it when almost all of the other distros out there just do what redhat is doing to go with the flow

  28. nuegia.net

    I don't like the kernel's memory manager fighting with zfs's arc

  29. nuegia.net

    If I can just get some help from someone who understand's freebsd's kernel enough this problem could be fixed.

  30. nuegia.net

    vs if I go back to Linux it's going to be death by a million papercuts

  31. nuegia.net

    I don't like how the only vendor-agnostic kernel namespacing (container) technology on linux goes through major complete overhauls with every version

  32. nuegia.net

    I don't like change for the sake of change

  33. nuegia.net

    on a server operating system

  34. nuegia.net

    I don't like the infighting of the ecosystem

  35. nuegia.net

    I don't like how Debian handled the systemd vote which alienated half their community and motivated them to have to fork

  36. nuegia.net

    especially now that the creator of said software now doesn't even work for redhat anymore and took a job at Microsoft

  37. nuegia.net

    making the whole thing kind of pointless

  38. nuegia.net

    I don't want to deal with all this on a server, which is why i'm not going to jump ship back to Linux the moment I run into a problem I can't fix alone.

  39. nuegia.net

    I know that FreeBSD has the potential to be a great stable server OS with the majority of what I need in the base and coming from the same set of developers with the same non-conflicting goals and priorities

  40. nuegia.net

    the covid pandemic has took a large took on the software development world.

  41. nuegia.net

    a lot of people who were maintaining things re-evaluated their priorities in life

  42. nuegia.net


  43. Licaon_Kter

    _Stockholm syndrome_

  44. jaj

    nuegia.net: you should check out openbsd. Or alpine linux

  45. nuegia.net

    openbsd is great but it doesn't have jails or containerization or zfs and has no intention to

  46. nuegia.net

    it's networking implementation also has noticably more latency, even for an XMPP application.

  47. nuegia.net

    I was using OpenBSD for TLS termination and a reverse TCP proxy for xmpp.

  48. nuegia.net

    the lag was noticable, despite sub-ms network latency

  49. yakov

    Sounds like placebo

  50. Tyrell

    > a lot of people who were maintaining things re-evaluated their priorities in life nuegia.net can you elaborate on that? what was their views and how they changed?

  51. nuegia.net

    Tyrell, yeah. A lot of people who were maintaining open source software or ports stepped down after the pandemic citing 'life issues'.

  52. nuegia.net

    happened to me too

  53. Tyrell

    what are the life issues?

  54. nuegia.net

    My guess is that the financial consequences caused a lot of people who were spending their time maintaining projects for free to either need to use their time more on imcome or decided to spend their time in other ways

  55. Tyrell