XMPP Service Operators - 2023-12-29

  1. oxpa

    https://developers.facebook.com/tools/ct/ shows more certificates :-\ crt.sh is somehow broken, idk

  2. micaela

    curl "https://api.certspotter.com/v1/issuances?domain=juick.com&include_subdomains=true&expand=dns_names&expand=issuer&expand=revocation&expand=problem_reporting&expand=cert_der"

  3. micaela

    crt.sh can be wonky sometimes

  4. oxpa

    micaela: now that's a useful link! Thank you!

  5. oxpa

    micaela: is there a website or a tool to generate such links? I bet you don't type that from scratch every time...

  6. micaela

    had it in my bash history

  7. micaela

    the full site is paid iirc

  8. oxpa

    there is api spec though on it. So I'll figure it out, I guess =) Thanks again

  9. new7001618

    Channels list

  10. micaela

    new7001618: https://search.jabber.network

  11. techmetx11

    kilroy: EU takes one step (GDPR) and then takes a hundreds of thousands of steps backwards