XMPP Service Operators - 2023-12-31

  1. roughnecks

    sorry for the OT, but does anyone have an IPv6 connection from which to run a mumble client? I need to see if my server is accepting connections from v6, because I'm getting some warnings about that.

  2. moparisthebest

    roughnecks: you can get your own IPv6 from https://tunnelbroker.net/

  3. roughnecks

    I know, used to run a tunnel on a Pentium III several years ago, but I don't want to anymore

  4. roughnecks

    I only have a windows machine and it has to work - I'm not the only user at home

  5. roughnecks

    SixXs I believe it was called, until they shut down the service

  6. roughnecks

    alright, changed my mind: "You have successfully registered for Hurricane Electric's free IPv6 tunnelbroker service."

  7. roughnecks

    let's see how it goes

  8. roughnecks

    thanks moparisthebest

  9. moparisthebest


  10. roughnecks

    it's about 20' that the email was greylisted.. still doesn't show up

  11. micaela

    isn't using their 4to6 tunnel like that the similar to a vpn/proxy? won't they be able to inspect all content?

  12. micaela

    there are some documents regarding HE and NSA spying up until 2018, but it seems still classified, so can't say if they cooperated or not