XMPP Service Operators - 2024-01-05

  1. chunk_9


  2. chunk_9

    MattJ, jonas’ pls accept my apoligies from before where chunk@toofast.vip was banned from here, I was in a bad mood that day and didn't realize what I said would be perceived as threatening. Please unban chunk@toofast.vip, it won't happen again, as well hopefully I'm not provoked again, if so when I'm in a good mood.

  3. chunk_9

    Is one allowed to use the namesake "XMPP" in any way they wish? Such as as a main domain name? Or is it possible legal implications could arise if something is out of character? Cuz I paid good money for a domain that uses a new tld and I love it :D

  4. chunk_9

    Also, lol, I realize if I'm going to continue being so clowny of an operator in xmpp I should be better at it. i'll get a man on the job.

  5. MattJ

    Yes, you can use it, it's not a trademark

  6. chunk_9

    Ahh okay nice

  7. chunk_9

    Perhaps I should mention that I'm now an xmpp cmdr of xmpp.bot and the most magical idea for it's use has yet to come :D I thought it was most appropriate to have xmpp + bot

  8. chunk_9

    In fact it's possible I can be swayed into reselling it at some point, haven't given it much thought

  9. chunk_9

    fyi .bot as a tld is new, i guess

  10. chunk_9

    python.bot was taken tho :(

  11. chunk_9 inb4 agris defederates xmpp.bot

  12. chunk_9

    I have no intentions of abuse for it, in case anyone wondered

  13. smooth_op

    chunk_9: does that mean all jids shall be assumed to be bots? :p

  14. chunk

    :D well, registration is not closed, but suppose i r bot, so, maybe we r all bot

  15. chunk

    but honestly can't expect everyone to LARP as a bot like i do sometimes :P

  16. chunk

    I am still trying to figure out the most creative cool idea for use of this domain, i saw it was available and didn't hesitate to get it (despite it not cheap) but that was with the expectation that I "could" come up with something cool as a theme, not that i had one yet at that moment :|

  17. chunk

    atm I've considered what possibly others might think of it, before even seeing anything first hand, and that perhaps some people would expect it to be mailicious, but also that maybe some would think of it as a grand unified bot (hub) of xmpp, dunno. I'm not particilarly amazing at python/slixmpp/xmppbots (yet) so I can't actually back it up with an array of bots, yet, so i am open to ideas

  18. chunk

    one thing, that i actually JUST thought about, is perhaps a stats/tests for the xmpp federation, but as well perhaps many people would frown upon that if one were to crawl xmpp (somehow). I'm a slow learner at programming, as its very thick and heavy work, but probably soon I would like to have some web based utilities that work in/on xmpp. I am learning flask atm

  19. pep.

    Posting this here too: https://media.ccc.de/v/37c3-11863-dissecting_eu_electronic_evidence for service providers. This is not news, there was also already a talk at 36c3, but that's the progress.. The bs law re law enforcement entities across EU