XMPP Service Operators - 2024-01-08

  1. chunk

    omfg I just got such a cool idea for a bot

  2. badmuff

    Anyone remember Q from QuakeNet?

  3. tester

    > 05:11 **chunk hopes he's not banned Hello chunk, how was this message sent?

  4. roughnecks

    tester `/me <message>`

  5. tester

    Thank you very much.

  6. roughnecks


  7. edhelas

    > Looking into 2024, we're set to strengthen ejabberd's presence and affirm ProcessOne's role as the "invisible leader" in Instant Messaging. With exciting developments on the horizon, we're eager to make the next year a landmark for ejabberd.

  8. edhelas

    From the ejabberd note

  9. edhelas

    It's fun i was talking about that to a friend a few days ago, the XMPP and software like ejabberd are used massively but kinda invisible in the end

  10. Licaon_Kter

    Invisible ok Leader? After the next spam wave...

  11. Licaon_Kter

    Or the next mitm

  12. Guus

    I'm looking for someone that can help me test a ejabberd community module. https://github.com/processone/ejabberd-contrib has a new module, named mod_pubsub_serverinfo. It should add a new feature in the advertisement of your server's disco/info. Could someone try that, please?

  13. Guus

    (installing it signals to other servers that they can name your server in statistics that they publish)

  14. edhelas

    Is there a specific documentation to install the module ?

  15. stefan

    I did: ejabberdctl modules_update_specs ejabberdctl module_install mod_pubsub_serverinfo add mod_pubsub_serverinfo: {} to modules: ejabberdctl reload_config What should I look for now?

  16. ☭Mike Yellow

    Are the people banned by RTBL shown in block list?

  17. ☭Mike Yellow

    Are the people banned by RTBL shown in block list of room?

  18. jonas’


  19. jonas’

    (I think at least so)

  20. MattJ

    If it's using a bot and the JID tried to join the room, it gets added to the room's ban list

  21. MattJ

    If it's using the server plugin, no

  22. jonas’


  23. roughnecks

    what's a bot that can do that?

  24. jonas’

    roughnecks, https://xmppbl.org has some information on that.

  25. roughnecks


  26. Guus

    stefan: after installation, your server should advertise the `urn:xmpp:serverinfo:0` feature in disco/info. If any other servers that are on the site have an s2s connection with yours, your server will now also be named on https://xmppnetwork.goodbytes.im/

  27. ☭Mike Yellow

    Hmmm... I guess I should trust RTBL and leave banned people with no mercy. But wait, RTBL is not updated fully automatic but also be updated by manually adding addresses in it, is not it?

  28. MattJ


  29. ☭Mike Yellow

    Well... then one more paragraph in the manual, since there are some people that we did not see them spamming get baned by RTBL. It is a social problem.

  30. ☭Mike Yellow

    Well... then we add one more paragraph in the manual, since there are some people that we did not see them spamming get baned by RTBL. It is a social problem.

  31. roughnecks

    does this need a DNS record? `Component "channels.example.net" "muc"`

  32. MattJ

    https://prosody.im/doc/components#dns -> "probably"

  33. roughnecks


  34. MattJ

    If you don't, it will work only for users on the same Prosody instance, other servers won't be able to discover it

  35. roughnecks


  36. stefan

    Guus: Module is installed >ejabberdctl modules_installed >mod_pubsub_serverinfo Exposes server information over Pub/Sub but no "urn:xmpp:serverinfo:0" in disco

  37. roughnecks

    (hopefully) last question: `mod_muc_rtbl 14-1 depends on mod_pubsub_subscription` do I need to load that too?

  38. MattJ

    It will load it automatically

  39. roughnecks

    thanks Mattj

  40. roughnecks

    nope. Other question, what do I write here? `muc_rtbl_jid` prosodyctl shell gave me a traceback for not having that set. I copy pasted the info in xmppbl.org, i.e. `muc_rtbl_jid = "xmppbl.org"`

  41. Guus

    > Guus: Module is installed >>ejabberdctl modules_installed >>mod_pubsub_serverinfo Exposes server information over Pub/Sub > but no "urn:xmpp:serverinfo:0" in disco Uh oh. My inexperience with ejabberd shows. 😐 thanks for testing Stefan. I am running errands now, but will look later.

  42. edhelas

    Same there

  43. ☭Mike Yellow

    RTBL use hashes, and that is why we can not see the content of the list?

  44. MattJ


  45. ☭Mike Yellow

    Do servers with RTBL plugin block or ban their own users?

  46. MattJ


  47. MattJ

    The Prosody plugin (and I think the riddim bot) won't ban someone who is already a member (or higher) of a MUC

  48. ☭Mike Yellow

    Oh I see. Members should not be banned, and that is why RTBL banned people are not in the room block list.

  49. ☭Mike Yellow

    How to detect if a server has RTBL plugin running?

  50. MattJ

    Ask the admin

  51. ☭Mike Yellow


  52. ☭Mike Yellow


  53. chunk

    The need for a blocklist in xmpp shouldn't exist in my opinion. I'm just glad it's not ridiculously out of control like on fediverse

  54. ☭Mike Yellow

    What is the error information during login when a user banned by its own server with RTBL?

  55. ☭Mike Yellow

    What is the error information during login when an user is banned by its own server with RTBL?

  56. chunk

    Use xml console

  57. ☭Mike Yellow


  58. chunk

    Can't rely on your client to give you verbose error report, use xml console

  59. chunk

    In gajim or psi+

  60. chunk

    precisely what I would do

  61. ☭Mike Yellow

    “not authorized”, or “policy violation”?

  62. MattJ

    ☭Mike Yellow: I don't know of any server that will prevent login due to RTBL

  63. ☭Mike Yellow

    So RTBL blocks spammers only for MUC but not spammers for individual users?

  64. ☭Mike Yellow

    So RTBL blocks spammers only for MUC but not for individual users?

  65. MattJ

    Yes, that is how it is currently being used

  66. ☭Mike Yellow

    Thank you.

  67. TheCoffeMaker

    > “not authorized”, or “policy violation”? policy violation can be given by number of stanzas being sent by a client ... mostly because u are in a lot of mucs being flood

  68. TheCoffeMaker

    ☭Mike Yellow: 👆

  69. ☭Mike Yellow

    Yes, I know.

  70. ☭Mike Yellow

    Also met when tried to login with wrong passwords for too many times, and when a server closed registering.

  71. Guus

    stefan, with help of the ejabberd deities, that module has had an update. It should now work. Care to try again?

  72. stefan

    Guus: just updated the module, unfortunately no "urn:xmpp:serverinfo:0" in disco. Maybe something is wrong on my side.

  73. Guus

    It's more likely that it's me, stefan. Sorry about this. I'll leave it in the capable hands of the ejabberd devs for now. Thanks for trying!

  74. Bob Evans

    Can rtbl apply for 1:1.

  75. Bob Evans

    Such that rtbl adds to personal blocklist.

  76. MattJ

    It could do, but I don't think anyone does that

  77. Bob Evans

    Does it exist.

  78. MattJ

    It's harder to verify reports of 1:1, and usually that is either targeted against a single person (which means using the normal blocklist for that individual would be just as effective), or it's mass spam which generally uses many source JIDs, and that is filtered by other methods

  79. Bob Evans


  80. Bob Evans

    I understand.

  81. MattJ

    Prosody's mod_firewall supports using an arbitrary RTBL to do just about anything, but I don't know of anyone using it for anything except blocking spam from MUCs, and I don't know of any public RTBL lists other than the muc_bans_sha256 on xmppbl.org

  82. Licaon_Kter

    Bob Evans: > Can rtbl apply for 1:1. I think maybe you wanted the RTBL to protect you from spam, eg. Your server uses that to reject 1:1 from spammers to server users

  83. Bob Evans


  84. Bob Evans

    Spammer added to RTBL.

  85. MattJ

    There are too many spammer JIDs to do that

  86. Bob Evans

    Spammer sends me direct message.

  87. Bob Evans

    But can't.

  88. MattJ

    Send https://blog.prosody.im/simple-anti-spam-tips/ to your admin

  89. Bob Evans


  90. hook

    (noob question: what is RTBL? Some block list?)

  91. MattJ

    Yes: https://xmppbl.org/

  92. hook

    Thanks, MattJ

  93. hook

    Hm, am I missing something or does it seem like Metronome does not support RTBL?

  94. MattJ

    It might not

  95. hook