XMPP Service Operators - 2024-01-12

  1. jonas’

    if anyone is self-hosting a gitlab, yesterday would've been an excellent time to upgrade: https://about.gitlab.com/releases/2024/01/11/critical-security-release-gitlab-16-7-2-released/#account-takeover-via-password-reset-without-user-interactions

  2. jonas-l

    I did in the past and I unsubscribed a few times from their security update notification mails but still get them; if someone would operate a instance, they should have subscribed and thus be informed already

  3. jonas-l

    > account password reset emails could be delivered to an unverified email address The hash of the URL sounds more dangerous than the actual content

  4. jonas’

    jonas-l, I think the opposite is true. AIUI, you can request a password reset to arbitrary email addresses via the HTTP/S API.

  5. badmuff

    Gitlab and his security issues.

  6. chunk

    this guy is talking to himself?

  7. chunk

    stranger things have happened

  8. thecoffemaker

    Hi! ... Cyberdelia's operator here ... modem is wroken and ISP will not deliver a new one till next week that we are on vacations. So far it will be down till first week of february ... just ignore your logs if u have an error with cyberdelia.com.ar

  9. ernst.on.tour

    Thanks for information 👍 Best luck

  10. thecoffemaker


  11. latex

    Meanwhile one of my favourite XMPP servers nuegia.net is down due to poverty

  12. Martin

    Do you have a source for that?

  13. latex

    The official announcement from nuegia.net was: The servers are not safe where they are. I'm turning the servers off and phsically bringing them with me until they are safe again. No data will be compromised.

  14. latex

    But the actual situation that's going down after the server went down is going mouth-by-mouth and is not announced

  15. latex

    But I know poverty plays a big part in it

  16. latex

    If it wasn't for poverty, nuegia.net would be up

  17. Bob Evans

    latex: Elaborate.

  18. latex

    nuegia.net's operator is in financial trouble and the job market is really bad in America right now

  19. latex

    And afaik US government's support for people in poverty is bad to non-existent

  20. latex

    And afaik US government's support systems for people in poverty is bad to non-existent

  21. Bob Evans

    Have they requested donations.

  22. latex

    The BTC and XMR wallet addresses used to be on the homepage, but as nuegia.net is offline now, they're not there anymore

  23. latex

    Maybe it's on archive.org

  24. latex

    https://web.archive.org/web/20231225083902/https://www.nuegia.net/ If you like some of the free network services I provide and you would like to help offset my server and hosting costs please consider donating to bitcoin:BC1QJNTN50K6GNGQH499ULTN4VMZCGLFL6UGGK5KMR or xmr:42fqjdVa8muMCBVBKv9VgHVk1qjdfyfWujcBNVpP9kA5JrVZ79BcPFBYd2J1qgLdoxfkhEy2QNW1xRGV4M9j49GEM4NEuMA

  25. simplejack


  26. MattJ


  27. simplejack

    How's it going

  28. simplejack


  29. simplejack


  30. Bob Evans

    simplejack: what do you need.

  31. simplejack

    An 8 ball of coke and some hookers

  32. Bob Evans

    simplejack: you won't find that here.

  33. Bob Evans

    See the topic.

  34. simplejack

    Bob Evans: ok