XMPP Service Operators - 2024-01-16

  1. chunk

    wsup ppls, finally got my gitea to work

  2. chunk

    not that i have millions of repos

  3. chunk

    does anybody host xmpp on the darknet? namely i2p?

  4. chunk

    suppose you'd never admit it would ya

  5. chunk


  6. Martin

    No idea about i2p, but there are xmpp services on onion domains.

  7. Licaon_Kter

    Should be doable, think i heard about gitea on i2p/onian too

  8. Licaon_Kter

    Should be doable, think i heard about gitea on i2p/onion too

  9. chunk

    > No idea about i2p, but there are xmpp services on onion domains. just services? like http upload or s2s? that would be neat but I doubt it's possible for some reason

  10. Menel

    Services meant the xmpp service as a whole

  11. chunk

    oh, k check

  12. chunk

    i tried, and succeeded (i think), at hosting on i2p. Was definitely a difficult setup learning from knowing nothing about it. Didn't stick around cuz I had no idea how to find i2p jabbers

  13. chunk

    unfortunately didn't save the keys tho, so I'm sad cuz I ended up getting a *.i2p domains, now they're lost forever

  14. Madiator2011

    Hi there! It's my first time running XMPP server :)

  15. Licaon_Kter

    Madiator2011: great, come back in 25 years :)

  16. Madiator2011

    Is it that bad?

  17. Licaon_Kter

    If you use it for 25 years means it's good.

  18. MattJ

    Madiator2011, hi, welcome :)

  19. Madiator2011

    I was suprised that I wasnt able to reach external server SRV records are so confusing

  20. Licaon_Kter

    Madiator2011: context https://fosstodon.org/@xmpp/111699229188608479

  21. MattJ

    https://connect.xmpp.net/ can help ensure you've got everything set up correctly

  22. MattJ

    (starttls should be available for both, direct tls is optional, but increasingly popular)

  23. Madiator2011

    Direct TLS fails for me :)

  24. MattJ

    I think many clients support direct TLS now, but it's currently rare on server-to-server links

  25. chunk

    Madiator2011, congrats!! :d

  26. chunk

    prosody? ejabberd?

  27. Madiator2011

    for me most issue came that I could connect with client but weren't able to do s2s

  28. Madiator2011

    openfire :D

  29. chunk

    openfire, ahh, I tried that one first also

  30. chunk

    I like Java based softwares

  31. chunk

    that's an oracle thing iirc, can't be sure i'm remembering that correctly

  32. Madiator2011

    for me it was most easy to use and also one I could get to work :D

  33. chunk


  34. chunk

    Hosted on Linux?

  35. Madiator2011

    Alma Linux dedicated machine

  36. chunk seems to think so

  37. chunk


  38. chunk

    if you host any MUCs lemme know, I'd be happy to chat :P

  39. Madiator2011


  40. Madiator2011


  41. chunk

    Multi User Chats

  42. Madiator2011

    Nope I'm alone :_

  43. Menel

    The xmpp nerd name for grpupchat

  44. chunk

    group chats, basically, like for example: xmpp:coding@chat.toofast.vip?join

  45. chunk

    nerd name, lool

  46. Madiator2011

    had to setup my own server cause my friend one has only client connection and not s2s enabled

  47. Madiator2011

    Kinda obscure question does servers store all messages from other servers? Example if I'm here does my server cache messages or they all being stored on server hosting that room?

  48. Menel

    They are only stored on the server that runs the room (and your client)

  49. Menel

    (they can be stored, most do, but it is not mandatory, having "mam" message archive management)

  50. Madiator2011

    hmm intresting so I have send message from my friend server without s2s and I got message but sending reply back message wont arrive :)

  51. Menel

    If you received a message on a client, that's not on your friends sever, and got a message from them, then they *do* have s2s

  52. Menel

    Maybe something wrong configured tho, if it doesn't work back

  53. Madiator2011

    on tester friend server has only Client connectivity on StarTLS working

  54. Menel

    Generally it's quite easy. Have valid certificates and a DNS record and an open port 5269.

  55. chunk

    port :5269 is s2s for XMPP, is required for federation, and federation is still happening if c2s reaches a different host

  56. Menel

    > on tester friend server has only Client connectivity on StarTLS working That explains why it doesn't work in that direction. Something wrong configured

  57. Menel

    Like if they don't have the port open but s2s enabled. Would connect in one direction

  58. Madiator2011

    Ye though I said it was reason for me to make my server

  59. Menel

    If you both have very small installs, and feel overwhelmed of the config options.... Did you read about https://snikket.org/ ? All the modern xmpp features setup in the right way...

  60. Madiator2011

    at the same time doing it to finish up my Master Thesis

  61. Madiator2011

    Problem with snikket for me was that they force they automated container for getting certs and it was causing issues with my reverse proxy setup

  62. Madiator2011

    only good thing were IOS notifications

  63. chunk


  64. Madiator2011

    And now cloudflare messed up certbot for .cloud domain they blocked api access

  65. chunk

    Menel, i prefer prosody, and ejabberd for features

  66. chunk

    .cloud, hmm.. never heard of that one b4

  67. chunk

    `xmpp.bot` :D

  68. Madiator2011

    I mean for me best server is: run inside docker, modern usable web ui, not complex setup

  69. Menel

    Seems like snikket then🙂

  70. Madiator2011

    nope it has modern ui but lack options you cant import certs manually

  71. Menel

    But if you're already happy, there is no rush to change a running system of course

  72. Madiator2011

    I mean snikket was my first xmpp server before I had to purge my whole linux machine

  73. Menel

    I recommend having backups with versions. Regardless of the software

  74. Madiator2011

    I had to build own custom docker container to update openfire as it last got updated 7 months ago

  75. Madiator2011

    I'm not sure how to change my avatar here

  76. Menel

    That depends on your client. Should be in some account setting

  77. Madiator2011

    I'm using Gajim

  78. savagepeanut

    Make sure to use an up to date version, it's had a lot of improvements past year or so

  79. Madiator2011

    im on latest 1.8.4