XMPP Service Operators - 2024-01-20

  1. isaah


  2. Stefan

    Good morning jonas´ (and all), > Stefan, *if* you wanted to keep SRV records (which you probably don't need to), you could point the SRV directly at your myfritz domain that worked! thank you. I also omitted the SRVs for the turn and stun subdomains, heard that they were not needed.

  3. Stefan

    I was "blocked due to abuse" ? Is this an automatic behaviour?

  4. ☭Mike Yellow

    I have never seen this information. It might related to the RTBL.

  5. ☭Mike Yellow

    Got a screenshot? I want to see.

  6. ☭Mike Yellow

    In which situation it appeared? Joing a room or adding a contact?

  7. Stefan

    It was kind of anti-spam somebody has.

  8. Menel

    It can be anything, asking the owner of the room/server is the only possible solution.

  9. jonas’

    Stefan tripped my spam filter in a PM.

  10. agris

    Straight to jail

  11. chunk

    agris: sup, wat happened to nueguia.net

  12. chunk

    some folks were curious

  13. rewtkid

    the owner tom has some personal life issues and cannot afford to host it

  14. rewtkid

    for the time being

  15. chunk

    rewtkid: i read rthat, but agris IS the owner that's why i'm asking him

  16. rewtkid

    i mean are you expecting a different answer

  17. rewtkid


  18. chunk


  19. rewtkid


  20. rewtkid


  21. chunk

    i don't respect gossip

  22. chunk

    so i ask the source

  23. rewtkid

    thats not what gossip is

  24. chunk

    go away

  25. rewtkid


  26. rewtkid

    come here

  27. rewtkid

    kiss me on my hot mouth

  28. pep.

    chunk, wtf? And rewtkid, do you need to ? wtf?

  29. pep.

    jonas’, MattJ?

  30. rewtkid


  31. rewtkid


  32. chunk

    pep.: yea sorrey, I was genuinely not wishing to deal with this person, just ask agris what happened to his xmpp host

  33. rewtkid

    and i told you and you claimed i was gossiping

  34. rewtkid

    make that make sense

  35. Guus

    If anyone is looking for a weekend activity: consider adding your XMPP domain to the XMPP network graph at https://xmppnetwork.goodbytes.im/ ! Plugins and modules are now available for many servers.

  36. rewtkid

    will do

  37. hook

    Is something wrong on my side or are conference.yunohost.org and muc.metronome.im really not accessible?

  38. hook

    Conversations says for both "Remote server not found"