XMPP Service Operators - 2024-02-02

  1. Stefan

    Hello, I made a Flyer for potential new jabber contacts, currently it's only in German: Feel free to use it if you like it.

  2. Stefan


  3. Stefan

    the file attachment in this muc behaves different to that in other mucs:

  4. Stefan

    e.g. in the conversations muc:

  5. Stefan


  6. Stefan

    Although It's okay for me to have my server Id visible here, I wonder about the different functioinality?

  7. Stefan

    oops. missed some domain name names in the flyer. in the english version it's corrected.

  8. Menel

    Some rooms have a feature that disables images shown inline for spam reasons Stefan This image URL is possible to view always anyways. But normally most clients show a picture on top. This is disabled

  9. Stefan

    sorry, no time at the moment to correct the file quick. I will do that later on the weekend. deleted it.

  10. Polarian

    Anyone here got a IPv6 enabled XMPP server?

  11. Stefan

    I'm only on ipv4

  12. Polarian

    Why does XMPP have such bad IPv6 rollout 😞

  13. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    i wish it was only xmpp. github doesnt support ipv6 and aws is bad too afaik

  14. Polarian

    f*ck github anyways

  15. jonas’

    Polarian, yes (I have an IPv6-enabled XMPP server).

  16. jonas’

    and muc.xmpp.org is, too, IPv6 enabled

  17. Polarian

    jonas’, can you do a s2s test on my server (icebound.dev)

  18. Polarian

    ensure you can reach it via IPv6

  19. jonas’

    is that an ejabberd?

  20. jonas’

    my usual ncat test doesn't work, but the ojn prober is happy with it. I cannot easily run an ipv6 test this way.

  21. Licaon_Kter

    > Why does IPv6 have such bad IPv6 rollout 😞 Fixxed

  22. Polarian

    jonas’, Openfire

  23. Polarian

    Licaon_Kter, fixed on what?

  24. Licaon_Kter

    Polarian: your post, Y U not get joke?

  25. Polarian


  26. Polarian

    That was a joke?

  27. Licaon_Kter

    Did you read? Shall explain the joke?

  28. roughnecks

    can't you try xmpp-dns?

  29. Polarian

    roughnecks, which is?

  30. roughnecks


  31. roughnecks

    it's in Debian too

  32. Polarian

    its not the SRV records I am worried about

  33. Polarian

    I know they are fine

  34. Polarian

    I have weird behaviour when it comes to IPv6 on Openfire

  35. Polarian

    I am trying to diagnose the issue

  36. Polarian

    so I want legitimate s2s tests from actual peers

  37. Menel

    Ive 32 out ging s2s for ipv6 and only 10

  38. Polarian

    Menel, could you s2s me and see if it works?

  39. Menel

    Ive 32 out ging s2s for ipv6 and only 10 outgoing for ipv4 Polarian

  40. jonas’

    Polarian, you could try pinging xmpp:ipv6-only.badxmpp.eu

  41. jonas’

    (if you can send XMPP Pings via your client or via your server's console)

  42. Menel

    Yes, what server

  43. Polarian


  44. Polarian

    I will s2s test ipv6-only.badxmpp.eu as well

  45. Polarian

    yes ipv6-only.badxmpp.eu works...

  46. Polarian


  47. Polarian

    for some reason S2S fails when it comes to IPv6 between icebound.dev and polarian.dev

  48. Menel

    Polarian: works with ipv6

  49. Menel

    We've ipv6 connections in both ways

  50. Polarian

    you are snikket

  51. Polarian


  52. Menel


  53. Polarian


  54. Polarian


  55. Polarian

    all my other peers are IPv4...

  56. Polarian

    so IPv6 DOES work... but unfairable...

  57. Polarian


  58. Polarian


  59. Menel

    Make a new subdomain with only one AAAA record, then use srv to let servers connect to that with a higher priority then to your normal address if you want to force it

  60. Polarian

    ah thats a good idea actually

  61. Polarian

    but I fear thats not the issue, I think there is an edge case where IPv6 fails to be established

  62. Menel

    Seems like your resolver just preferrs ipv4 and only uses 6 if it must

  63. Polarian

    No because when I disabled IPv4 forwarding on the router

  64. Polarian

    there was IPv6 enabled servers I could not reach

  65. Polarian

    one of them being polarian.dev

  66. Polarian

    try to s2s polarian.dev for me :)

  67. Menel

    Ipv6 established

  68. Polarian


  69. Polarian

    I literally can't reach the server via IPv6

  70. ernst.on.tour

    Polarian: your server is running *dirctly* in the internet ? Normaly there is a router like Fritzbox and you have to forward the outcoming connection to your server. Forwarding (in Fritzbox) is limited to IPv4 Maybe your ipv6-DNS-Entry points to the Fritzbox and not the behind laying server ?

  71. Polarian

    ernst.on.tour, My router is OpenBSD, pf does not interfere with IPv6, it passes all IPv6 packets and lets the internal hosts deal with the firewalling

  72. Polarian

    its simply acts as a gateway

  73. ernst.on.tour

    Okay, and your IPv6-DNS-Entry points to your server or do the OpenBSD put his address into the entry ?

  74. Polarian

    OpenBSD simply does packet forwarding

  75. Polarian

    from one interface to another

  76. Polarian

    it doesn't touch the packet

  77. jaj

    > it doesn't touch the packet You could run pftop or tcpdump on your router to see if you receive the connections

  78. pixelshift

    Bit of an offtopic: does anybody know of a client on j2me (old feature phones) that would work today? I tried clients like Bombus and Mandarin. Tried to connect to conversations.im and jabb.im - no luck :( The error messages are not terribly informative. Either "IOexception" or "unexpected end of XML". Any suggestions/ideas? Or maybe you know of a better chat to ask this question?

  79. moparisthebest

    pixelshift: do they maybe not support TLS ?

  80. Link Mauve

    pixelshift, possibly— yeah, try with a server allowing login on plain text without any encryption whatsoever.

  81. pixelshift

    during account setup both clients offer a checkbox "Use SSL". If I check it I get "IOException". If I clear it I get "Unexpected end of XML" The phone I launch it on is from 2011, I guess it's possible that certificates that were built in to the firmware have all expired. Do you know of a server that allows plaintext login? Or possibly it'll be faster to set up my own local instance :) ?

  82. moparisthebest

    pixelshift: you could run xmpp-proxy on your local network someplace and configure your client to connect to it's outgoing port

  83. moparisthebest

    (then it does srv lookup, connecting, TLS etc etc)

  84. pixelshift

    > pixelshift: you could run xmpp-proxy on your local network someplace and configure your client to connect to it's outgoing port That sounds like a great idea.

  85. pixelshift