XMPP Service Operators - 2024-02-12

  1. sam

    Henlo everynyan

  2. sam

    Henlo everyone

  3. Polarian


  4. sam

    Suhhh dude

  5. Wirlaburla

    Anybody here have experience with Prosody and mod_deepweb? Having issues that I cannot figure out the cause of.

  6. Wirlaburla

    I'll just post the info here I posted in the Prosody muc in hopes someone will know.

  7. Wirlaburla


  8. Wirlaburla

    This is my problem. Top is from an Onion/Tor service, bottom is for reference what it should be. From my instance, I can query the Tor instance and it's HTTP File Upload component, but they can't see any components from me.

  9. sam

    I despise prosody

  10. sam

    The only thing it does well is chat and that's it

  11. Wirlaburla

    It does everything I want well with the exception of this one problem.

  12. moparisthebest

    Wirlaburla: ask in the prosody support muc

  13. Wirlaburla

    Already did.

  14. Wirlaburla

    » [19:42:00] <Wirlaburla> I'll just post the info here I posted in the Prosody muc in hopes someone will know. ^^^

  15. moparisthebest

    well that'd be the best place

  16. Wirlaburla

    Asking in two places at once won't hurt.

  17. Wirlaburla

    Also, I'm pretty sure the maker of mod_deepweb is in here.

  18. r00tobo

    Yeah [czar]

  19. Wirlaburla

    I fixed it!

  20. Wirlaburla

    I don't even know how.

  21. deport

    that's the worst

  22. Wirlaburla

    As long as it keeps working, I'll live with it.

  23. j.r (jugendhacker.de)

    Oh the jabbim operator reached back to me via email, looks like they found a pattern and are going to mitigate the spam

  24. Licaon_Kter

    For 24h...

  25. j.r (jugendhacker.de)

    Well, let's see 🤷

  26. frog

    I also got a reply from the jabbim operator today saying they were going to delete a bunch of accounts. However, also got a spam report from a nuage.me jid, will inform their abuse contact

  27. agris

    I remember when you could block over 90% of usenet spam by blocking the google groups useragent

  28. p42ity

    Hi, dismail produces MITM (TLSA records do not fit to presented certificate) errors on https://certwatch.xmpp.net/ . Is this a known issue at the moment?

  29. p42ity

    The problem seems to exist since Sunday Morning.

  30. Menel

    The checker seems wrong. The record is valid

  31. Menel

    The real problem is tchncs.de their TLSA is wrong for a long time. No answer to several email and xmpp messages

  32. singpolyma

    p42ity: yes, dismail is not publishing a TLSA for their direct tls port, as reported there

  33. singpolyma

    This is partly our fault because we had the check for direct tls disabled for awhile by accident, so they would not have seen this when setting it up

  34. stefan

    _5223._tcp.xmpp.dismail.de has TLSA record 3 1 1 5A0A20DE4295BBA24C9EC8756A65193B3C8B548CD3A088AE907522818267AB52

  35. singpolyma

    5223 is not advertised though

  36. singpolyma

    but 443 is

  37. singpolyma


  38. stefan

    Ah the 443 nonsens, missed that, thank you.

  39. Steven

    Is there a way for an admin in ejabberd to server-ban accounts from a Jabber client?

  40. Steven

    Like (a) tell ejabberd to propagate certain users' block lists across the server or (b) have some kind of chatbot that I can tell to ban accounts

  41. Licaon_Kter

    Isn't b) a thing yet?

  42. Polarian

    > Is there a way for an admin in ejabberd to server-ban accounts from a Jabber client? AD_HOC commands I think can...

  43. Polarian

    never used ejabberd though :)

  44. Steven Roose

    Do you recommend a client for ad-hoc commands? Polarian

  45. Licaon_Kter

    Steven Roose: Converse.js or Gajim surely, maybe Cheogram (not sure)

  46. Wirlaburla

    Psi+ has adhoc. Lil' buggy for me but works.

  47. Menel

    Gajim, cheogram, conversejs

  48. Menel

    For mobile, desktop, and other desktops

  49. thecoffemaker

    cyberdelia.com.ar still offline, luckily till next week, ISP sucks and since it is monopolizing service on this side of Buenos Aires city, we are stuck waiting for them to solve the issue ... hate at doom levels, wanna burn them down

  50. Licaon_Kter

    thecoffemaker: 👍

  51. Polarian

    thecoffemaker, self hosting?

  52. moparisthebest

    best of luck thecoffemaker

  53. thecoffemaker

    > thecoffemaker, self hosting? yes

  54. thecoffemaker

    moparisthebest: thx

  55. Polarian

    thecoffemaker, yeah that is the downside of self hosting

  56. Polarian

    good luck

  57. thecoffemaker

    they left us without service 2 days before we went on vacations, we were back last week 4 days in a row on phone calling tech support refusing to send a technician because they said the problem was in their systems ... one month without service and can't change provider coz no one else is providing service on my zone, I only want to see them burn

  58. cal0pteryx

    oh this reminds me of that South Park cable company