XMPP Service Operators - 2024-02-15

  1. moparisthebest

    hook: I don't know how to answer, they are different

  2. user13

    hi everyone !

  3. Wirlaburla

    Are you real?

  4. user13


  5. Wirlaburla


  6. user13

    yes not AI

  7. user13


  8. Wirlaburla

    Prove it. Solve this captcha: l̷̛̖̈́͆o̵̡̠͉̽̂̈́́̈̉̀̋̄̈́̓̔̈̓́̾́ļ̸̧̱͖̻͖̳́̉̈͂̉̂̽͘̕ ̷̨̞͎̠̬̮̻͖̥̈̐̉͝ļ̷̡̗̣̻̮̗̪̗̐͊̈́̏͂̍͌́͋̊̕ͅǫ̵̼̩̪̣̠̪̙̈̋̿̈̓̇̅̈́̾̅̐̌s̷̛͇̘̤̱̣̟̞̗͙̾͂̍̓̋̋͋̽̍̅̀͌̀́̒̚͜ȩ̴̡̘̜͔͓̩̦̱̺̭͔͛̃̑͛̏͂͆̄̈́̿̅̾́͛͋̒͜ͅr̴̲̦̈́̑̉͂̃

  9. user13

    🙂 your funny

  10. chunk

    rom1dep: > those cheogram folks are everywhere aha, Canada makin a presence on da xmpps

  11. Wirlaburla

    You're*. Thanks for proving you are human. Hi, how are you?

  12. chunk included

  13. chunk


  14. chunk

    Wirlaburla: oh not bad

  15. Wirlaburla

    I was asking user13 but good to hear from you too.

  16. chunk

    going to have wicked good fun tonight

  17. chunk


  18. user13

    i am good thank you hope you are doing good,i am just new here

  19. chunk

    user13: welcome :D

  20. chunk

    Wirlaburla: listen to that mixset o bass

  21. chunk

    hope u got a sub or some stereo

  22. Wirlaburla

    Hmmmmmm, not my taste but thanks.

  23. user13

    is xmpp also a mail ?!

  24. chunk

    check, it takes a bit to get started thi

  25. chunk

    check, it takes a bit to get started tho

  26. user13

    as protonmail

  27. chunk

    > is xmpp also a mail ?! it has a "pubsub" extension

  28. chunk

    no not mail

  29. Wirlaburla

    » [00:00:43] <user13> is xmpp also a mail ?! No but... it could be...

  30. chunk

    tho it 'can' be

  31. Wirlaburla

    The possibility is there, the implemention just hasn't been made yet.

  32. user13

    yes or no i didnt get it

  33. chunk

    API all the things

  34. Wirlaburla

    Not yet.

  35. chunk

    user13: > yes or no i didnt get it no

  36. user13

    hmmm ok

  37. chunk

    xmpp is extremely extensible

  38. chunk

    in design

  39. chunk

    so it can api to many many other things

  40. Wirlaburla

    It's not right now but XMPP is very extensible so if someone put in a bit of elbow grease, it very well can be made into a thing.

  41. chunk

    Wirlaburla: y'know what I wanna do v

  42. Wirlaburla

    Haha, I'll just let chunk talk to you about it.

  43. user13

    i really like it so sample

  44. Wirlaburla

    chunk: Tell me.

  45. user13

    its my first min

  46. chunk

    i wanna incorporate pu bsub, service discovery, pep even, personal pu bsub (blogs), all into neat web apps

  47. Wirlaburla

    I despise webapps but if it gets people interested, do it. XMPP must win.

  48. chunk

    not as fugly as conversejs, and more simple purpose than movim

  49. chunk

    Wirlaburla: my web apps ?!

  50. user13

    no more google

  51. user13

    i just deleted my account

  52. Wirlaburla

    I despise web apps in general.

  53. user13

    whats app too

  54. chunk


  55. chunk

    Wirlaburla: passwd = iamapasswdoi

  56. Wirlaburla

    user13: Do you feel that weight on your shoulders? No? Because it's gone.

  57. user13

    its addiction

  58. chunk

    whatever, i don't like all web apps, ESPECILLY not jabbabloat ones

  59. Wirlaburla

    » [00:04:29] <chunk> https://musicplace.vip/ > jQuery I immediately despise it for that reason.

  60. user13

    tik tok too !

  61. Wirlaburla

    Most of the Internet is addictive. It's unfortunate.

  62. chunk

    Wirlaburla: that's bullshit, becuz i use it for what it's meant for

  63. chunk


  64. chunk

    in moderation

  65. Wirlaburla

    All it can do, vanilla JS can do.

  66. chunk

    trust me, I detest js frameworks

  67. Wirlaburla

    You don't detest them enough.

  68. chunk

    vanila is much more bloat than jquery

  69. Wirlaburla


  70. chunk

    for my uses right!!

  71. chunk

    go and read my pathetically simple scripts

  72. Wirlaburla

    > loading.js $(window).on("load", function() { $('#pagewhole').show(); $('#loading').hide(); }); This?

  73. chunk

    is one of them

  74. chunk

    the flash messages also fade in/out

  75. chunk

    there's supposed to be a copy to clipboard function, i gotta fix it still

  76. chunk

    some stuff is not possible without a few lines of js

  77. Wirlaburla

    window.addEventListener('load',()=>{ document.querySelector("#pagewhole").style.display = "unset"; document.querySelector("#loading").style.display = "none"; });

  78. Wirlaburla

    I'm going to recode your crap without jQuery, just you watch.

  79. chunk


  80. chunk

    I used jquery to cheat, cuz im absolutely fkn terrible at js

  81. Wirlaburla

    I am satisfied now.

  82. chunk


  83. chunk

    nice work chief

  84. Wirlaburla

    I took that because it took your page awhile to load and ate some of my RAM in the process.

  85. chunk

    when I get home ima set up toofast.vip, I wanna invite you Wirlaburla

  86. Wirlaburla

    Invite me to your server?

  87. chunk


  88. Wirlaburla

    Ah, cool cool.

  89. chunk

    i'd invite you to a muc, but none exists

  90. chunk

    since i got musicplace satisfactorily back online, prosody next then my blog

  91. Wirlaburla

    Let me know if you need any help.

  92. Wirlaburla

    I think I got all the kinks in my server configs out. Runs like butter.

  93. chunk

    Wirlaburla, noice

  94. chunk

    what i often forget to do, after I got prosody setup and runnin, is give it some day or two, and then comb out all the little errors

  95. chunk

    once i done that it feels good

  96. chunk

    ima rebuild toofast.vip here momentarily

  97. chunk

    no hacking

  98. chunk

    also, my input/query parameter sanitization works: https://musicplace.vip/track?file=%C3%98ZTurbulence.flac

  99. chunk


  100. chunk

    I started a new chat: xmpp:hobbies@conference.inspirenet.org?join

  101. chunk

    weirdest hobby wins a cake

  102. moparisthebest

    rip nginx https://mailman.nginx.org/pipermail/nginx-devel/2024-February/K5IC6VYO2PB7N4HRP2FUQIBIBCGP4WAU.html

  103. psychhim

    > rip nginx https://mailman.nginx.org/pipermail/nginx-devel/2024-February/K5IC6VYO2PB7N4HRP2FUQIBIBCGP4WAU.html Rip an "inappropriate word"

  104. moparisthebest

    It's certainly not

  105. chunk

    moparisthebest: you just offended him

  106. chunk

    i seent it

  107. chunk

    moparisthebest: hey when were u going to PM me

  108. psychhim

    > moparisthebest: you just offended him Nothing about being offended or something.. probably which he's said "rip" to is the corporation behind nginx.. F5 ?.. Nginx is the software which is never going to rest in peace for having it's sweet freedom. Nobody does :) That's why I think it's inapppropriate

  109. psychhim

    And thats why I said... phew

  110. diane

    kserge71@exploit.im started off like the spammer with the OTR header, but then just said hello in russian. Clever of them to stop before the clear cut case of spam

  111. MattJ

    diane, that follows the pattern, they tend to follow with the real spam some hours later

  112. diane

    ok. so i'll leave them unblocked for now

  113. moparisthebest

    I used to have a mod_firewall rule enabled that just blocked all messages with Cyrillic characters, it worked great last spam wave, I've only gotten a few messages this time so I haven't turned it back on yet

  114. moparisthebest

    Obviously public servers shouldn't do that but if you run a private server and none of your users can read Cyrillic PM me and I can send it to you

  115. root

    moparisthebest: I would be interested in this.

  116. diane

    so ... yeah that's tempting, but then it feels like it's also worth taking one for the good of the community, accepting the spam, and then reporting them to the instance admins

  117. Licaon_Kter

    Y U don't block OTR and be done?

  118. diane

    I haven't...

  119. diane

    If you live in a world where admins respond to spam complaints, I feel like there's value in submitting the complaints

  120. Polarian

    Licaon_Kter, Y is reserved for "yes" not "why"

  121. ernst.on.tour

    Polarian: Do you want to teach us how we have to chat in this server-operator-muc ?

  122. Licaon_Kter

    Polarian: you got my point, that's the spirit

  123. moparisthebest

    Licaon_Kter: well I can't read Cyrillic but sometimes people do message me with otr legitimately, that's my reasoning anyway

  124. Polarian

    > Polarian: Do you want to teach us how we have to chat in this server-operator-muc ? I was joking about chill out

  125. Polarian

    should have stuck a /j or :P at the end

  126. Wirlaburla

    The XMPP Providers list seems to be bipolar about finding my server support contacts. Nothing has changed, yet yesterday it had them, and today it doesn't.

  127. cal0pteryx

    Wirlaburla, we're working on that, sorry

  128. Wirlaburla

    Alright then, no issues.

  129. cal0pteryx

    I depends on timeouts, which are hit from time to time

  130. Wirlaburla

    Alright then, no problem then.

  131. Wirlaburla

    I also noticed that it lists "Registration is not available (at any time)" on my server despite there being external registration that is given to clients on register.

  132. cal0pteryx

    Wirlaburla, thanks

  133. Wirlaburla

    No, thank you.

  134. chunk

    xmpp:the-subnet@chat.toofast.vip?join best place on xmpp just returned

  135. chunk

    bring cake or entry denied

  136. tet

    chunk is here :0

  137. tet

    chunk famous

  138. chunk


  139. chunk

    tet, what's happening in ur xmpps?

  140. chunk

    o i c he left <sadface>