XMPP Service Operators - 2024-02-17

  1. chunk

    mkf: o/

  2. chunk

    i r b0t

  3. chunk


  4. Licaon_Kter

    chunk: keep these to Offtopic pls

  5. ernst.on.tour

    chunk: This is a server-operator-muc, not a "listen what I hear now" Have a look at https://xmpp.org/community/channels/operators/

  6. chunk

    Did you know I am a very important person in xmpp

  7. Licaon_Kter

    Yes, you are, in Offtopic, to us

  8. chunk

    o i c now this isn't the offtopic chat

  9. 甘城猫猫


  10. Guus

    hi, what's up?

  11. 甘城猫猫

    I want to see if there's anything I can talk about.

  12. Guus

    Of course! This chatroom is reserved for discussions between and about XMPP server operators though.

  13. 甘城猫猫

    Where is this?

  14. Guus

    There are plenty of chat rooms available that you can use for general chit-chat!

  15. Guus

    The search engine at https://search.jabber.network/ can be used to search rooms that are of interest to you!

  16. 甘城猫猫

    ok bye

  17. 甘城猫猫

    thank you so much

  18. Guus

    you're welcome

  19. ☭Mike Yellow


  20. Martin

    Why do so many people who are no operators recently show up here?

  21. Martin


  22. Licaon_Kter

    The title attracts them

  23. ☭Mike Yellow

    Because this room is showed in S.J.N, and the default room discovery method of Conversations.

  24. ☭Mike Yellow

    Because this room is showed in S.J.N, first page, and the default room discovery method of Conversations.

  25. Licaon_Kter

    Why? Isn't that sorted by user count? Aren't more rooms fuller?

  26. ☭Mike Yellow

    Just regard them as tourists.

  27. ☭Mike Yellow

    > Why do so many people who are no operators recently show up here? A simpler answer: because it is allowed.

  28. jonas’

    Licaon_Kter, even so operators@ makes first page.

  29. ☭Mike Yellow

    The term “No-Affiliation” in the Chinese XMPP manual is called as “Tourist”; the term “Visitor” is called as “Audience”.

  30. Licaon_Kter

    You'd think most get lost in other rooms :)

  31. ☭Mike Yellow

    Some new users like to travel around. They are not real important roles to the XMPP operators community :)

  32. ☭Mike Yellow

    What does “operator” exactly mean? It includes developers, server operators, and?

  33. jonas’

    it does not include developers.

  34. jonas’

    server operators only.

  35. jonas’

    > It is a place primarily for operators of federated XMPP services, to have civil and low-bar discourse and resolution of interoperability issues. In addition to that primary purpose, it is also a place for the wider XMPP community (including end-users and operators of non-federated servers) to get in touch with operators to resolve issues, report abuse (see below for important notes on that!) or any other service related topic.

  36. ☭Mike Yellow

    Then I am not an operator either. :|

  37. ernst.on.tour

    We know, and normaly (and in good times there was a bot) only operators a allowed to talk

  38. ☭Mike Yellow

    I think there is an easy method to stop bother from tourists: Make room moderated, and let all new operators change their nickname to their server address.

  39. ☭Mike Yellow

    Then you can check and grant a Member affiliation.

  40. jonas’

    ☭Mike Yellow, we got that automated already

  41. jonas’

    the bot doing that is offline right now though

  42. jonas’

    (and it works without setting your nickname to the domain, which provides some privacy)

  43. ernst.on.tour

    We don't need server a nic, your JIF should be discoverable as admincontact

  44. ernst.on.tour


  45. ☭Mike Yellow

    Oh, yes.

  46. Bob Evans

    > server operators only. Some of us are simple observers.

  47. Bob Evans

    There's no rule against that.

  48. Bob Evans

    In fact, https://logs.xmpp.org enables anyone to observe.

  49. Bob Evans

    I surmise there are closed private groups for selected operators.

  50. Bob Evans

    E.g. xmppbl discussion.

  51. chunk

    btw, toofast.vip is online again

  52. chunk

    on a cheap vps

  53. chunk

    no plans for making it fancy, at least not for a while