XMPP Service Operators - 2024-02-22

  1. chickenlittle

    Hello. I'm having trouble setting Tor Onion Prosody. I can't connect in the XMPP client to the onion, but can connect to other servers onions. Do I need a 2nd copy of the onion keys in the prosody folder? or can it find them from the onion website on the same server? Where do I put these keys?

  2. diane

    I finally got the Russian spam for spamming message from kserge71@exploit.im. I don't see valid XEP-157 contact information or anything on their web page about how to contact the admins. What should one do next?

  3. diane

    (Also is there an easy way of querying the 157 information? I did it by typing xml from the xep into gajim)

  4. MattJ

    There are bots around that can do it. I've also been meaning to put up a web service for it on xmpp.net

  5. diane

    I considered a small command line python script

  6. MattJ

    Yes, that would work too

  7. diane

    as for the exploit.im server , there's the start of the address block with the network/serverinfo form field, but then the data form just ends.