XMPP Service Operators - 2024-02-28

  1. lavrentiy

    is 512mb of ram enough to run an xmpp server in 2024 for a few users?

  2. lavrentiy

    like just minimal debian + prosody?

  3. MattJ

    lavrentiy: definitely

  4. j4nk

    I’m running openbsd+prosody with about 10 users and I’m at ~68 mb ram used.

  5. lavrentiy

    great, thanks!

  6. rewtkid

    j4nk: how? did you tweak anything to get such low memory usage?

  7. rewtkid

    i definetly dont get that on my openbsd + prosody setup

  8. j4nk

    No tweaks, maybe due to enabled XEPs? idk

  9. rewtkid

    i see

  10. j4nk

    I thought I was on the heavier end of things anyways, I have all the bells and whistles lol

  11. rewtkid

    i get around 200-300mb of ram with whatever XEPs it comes with

  12. jonas’

    prosody is very low on required resources, something about 80-120kB per user online IIRC.

  13. snikket dot deeeeee

    rewtkid, lua version might be a part too. I'm around 60 MB currently.

  14. lavrentiy

    60MB total? or just for prosody?

  15. j4nk

    just for prosody

  16. j4nk

    lol I have no idea how openbsd would ever use just 60mb

  17. j4nk

    Ope sorry didn't see you were talking to someone else

  18. Licaon_Kter

    lavrentiy: testing RPi1/256Mb on ejabberd+postgres+nginx, up to 80users