XMPP Service Operators - 2024-03-03

  1. down

    can someone use the pgp option ?

  2. down

    keep getting a error saying openkeychain failed to run

  3. down

    i keep getting a error saying openkeychain failed to run

  4. down

    or pgp key not public tell the contact to configure the key

  5. rewtkid

    nuegia.net: not that experienced, but i read you can adjust AdvDefaultPreference to low, medium, and high in /etc/radvd.conf. there is also a AdvRoutePreference option. not exactly sure if this is what you are looking for, but is what i came up with after some quick research. sorry if doesnt help

  6. rewtkid

    also, is nuegia.net coming back?

  7. rewtkid

    nuegia.net: after some further research, i see there is a ra_preference in /etc/config/dhcp, which is set to medium by default. also might be what you are looking for? not exactly sure, just reading off what i have found in the documentation.

  8. moparisthebest

    > They are public, ~32million lavrentiy: quick math, 32 million 20 byte hashes would be 640 megabytes and a binary search would be nearly instant, I bet someone has already done this for http uploading which is most file sharing these days

  9. lavrentiy

    moparisthebest, but that'd require keeping it entirely in ram

  10. lavrentiy

    and it'll be larger in ram

  11. rewtkid

    ra_preference medium 'Route preference medium, high or low.'

  12. nuegia.net

    I'm not using dhcp at all in my network, only SLAAC

  13. moparisthebest

    No you can do it from disk too, and also no it'd take exactly the same in ram

  14. rewtkid

    oh i see, i am not sure then. apologies.

  15. nuegia.net

    Not sure if OpenWRT exposes AdvDefaultPreference in radvd.conf

  16. nuegia.net

    does OpenWRT use radvd?

  17. rewtkid

    doesnt seem like it does, not sure what the other post was talking about.

  18. nuegia.net

    where did you see ra_preference?

  19. rewtkid


  20. nuegia.net


  21. nuegia.net

    weird. ok so I think in OpenWRT, odhcpd is performing the job of radvd

  22. rewtkid

    "odhcpd provides server services for DHCP, RA, stateless SLAAC and stateful DHCPv6"

  23. rewtkid

    yes, seems so.

  24. nuegia.net

    despite the name

  25. nuegia.net


  26. moparisthebest

    lavrentiy: similarish approach to https://github.com/moparisthebest/phonehash , write the hashes to disk, sorted, in 20 byte chunks without delimiters, seek into it directly with offsets

  27. rewtkid

    no problem.

  28. moparisthebest

    This is way easier because everything fits in memory for sorting

  29. lavrentiy

    moparisthebest, interesting!

  30. rewtkid

    nuegia.net: sorry for being a distraction, but i see your site is back up. does this mean spyware will be making a return too? also hope things are going better now.

  31. nuegia.net

    that only seems to control all router advertisements for an interface, not the specific delegated blocks

  32. nuegia.net

    not fully yet

  33. rewtkid

    again apologies if im not helping much, not too experienced, but is it a possibility to create multiple interfaces for each delegated block, and specify the ra_preference option for each block accordingly? i might be (and probably am) way off.

  34. rewtkid

    anyways, maybe ask in virtual tinkerspace chat. someone there might also be able to help.

  35. rewtkid

    nuegia.net: friend who also uses openwrt says it sounds like it should work. still not entirely sure. just going off the basic documentation i have read here.

  36. rewtkid

    "interfaces" being virtual interfaces, of course.

  37. Polarian

    > No you can do it from disk too, and also no it'd take exactly the same in ram surely it depends how you store it... if you are using a list it would also contain pointers

  38. Polarian

    if its an array in contiguous memory then yes...

  39. nuegia.net

    sorry, brownout. can't afford to replace sulfated batteries yet.