XMPP Service Operators - 2024-03-15

  1. dora71

    Anybody out there who protects its xmpp server with crowdsec? Does it make sense? Some good tutorials out there?

  2. Licaon_Kter

    dora71: use case?

  3. dora71

    Protection against evil attackers maybe?!

  4. Licaon_Kter

    So like any other server? Not xmpp specific?

  5. dora71

    > So like any other server? Not xmpp specific? If there is something xmpp specific, I would be glad to know.

  6. olaf

    dora71: I made https://codeberg.org/divested/scfw3/src/branch/master/scfw3.sh You just add it as a daily cron job You'll may have to add some exclusions for other servers

  7. dora71

    olaf: thanks for sharing ... will have a look at it.

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  10. Wirlaburla

    What are the requirements for XMPP/Email support? My server has it set up on its virtual host but the providers list keeps switching between seeing it and not seeing it. I'm unsure why.

  11. MattJ

    Wirlaburla: are you using Prosody with mod_pubsub_serverinfo loaded?

  12. Wirlaburla


  13. MattJ

    There's an incompatibility between that module and the contact info plugin in Prosody 0.12

  14. MattJ

    It generates nonstandard output and confuses things, including the providers scraper

  15. MattJ

    I may backport the changes from Prosody trunk to prosody-modules for 0.12 but I haven't had much time to spare recently. The easiest solution is to disable mod_pubsub_serverinfo for now

  16. Wirlaburla

    Ah alright. Thanks.