XMPP Service Operators - 2024-03-17

  1. jabbering-queer.net

    It looks like the certificate for quicksy.im expired. What would be the best way to reach out to the maintainers of the server?

  2. moparisthebest

    Holger: ^

  3. Martin

    Looks good from here.

  4. agh

    Expired today

  5. agh


  6. agh

    The 17th of March

  7. snikket dot deeeeee

    Yes, the website cert

  8. Martin

    Ah, I see. I checked the xmpp server. 😂

  9. snikket dot deeeeee

    Not quite related, but why cant I check some xmpp servers with testssl.sh, telling me STARTTLS handshake failed, and others I can test with it. I guess it's xmpp server software related?

  10. snikket dot deeeeee

    Like > testssl -S -t xmpp --xmpphost quicksy.im xmpp.quicksy.im:5269 doesn't work. Anyone noticed that too?

  11. jonas’

    snikket dot deeeeee, for 5269, you need to use -t xmpp-server

  12. jonas’

    needs a sufficiently recent testssl.sh

  13. jonas’

    (3.1-something I think)

  14. snikket dot deeeeee

    Yes, I use the git version, but apparently didn't read the newer docs with that option. Curiously some server are OK with just "xmpp" Thanks! Working now

  15. jonas’

    yep, some servers aren't strict about this