XMPP Service Operators - 2024-05-12

  1. f_

    jonas’: is there an MUC to talk about search.jabber.network?

  2. jonas’

    f_, not specifically

  3. f_

    jonas’: hm ok

  4. luca

    cal0pteryx: Hi, about that RSS issue, deleting the cache in my RSS feed fixed it. Thanks for the help!

  5. jonas’

    f_, contact options for questions about sjn are available on the website :)

  6. f_

    Meh it's just for removing an MUC from the list because it moved somewhere else

  7. jonas’

    that's exactly what the support addresses are for :)

  8. f_

    (and turns out nobody has privileges there anymore!)

  9. f_

    jonas’: sure