XMPP Service Operators - 2024-06-22

  1. Polarian

    I would argue against this... its harder to filter out spam from them, because its mixed in with legitimate emails, but I do still get a ton of spam and some of it fails spf and dkim and can easily be filtered out, but its so easy to rent a domain and spin up an email server that spam is impossible to eliminate, google and microsoft resorting to AI reading through emails to try to flag extortion scams for example... They also do the, rather shitty, move of autospamming all small email servers, only if you are a well known mail server you have a good chance to get delivered to someones inbox, not only that, but they proactively encorage whitelisting of specific servers. It is highly effective, but it has little to no privacy and it also destroys the decentralisation of the protocol. So no, centralisation is better for preventing abuse... but it gives the power to a single, or a few people.

  2. kapad

    decentralize is share the load, protocol could find its ways through this if want. for example wouldn't be technically difficult each host keep its own ban list in a pubsub node, and c2s/s2s clients read this to act according. in a way something like rtbl but in a per instance form

  3. roughnecks

    I have constant disconnections from jabber.org (Gajim 1.9.0), is it unstable or just me?

  4. roughnecks

    happened again

  5. badmuff

    There are several potential causes for constant disconnections from jabber.org: server instability, network issues, client configuration errors, interference from firewall/antivirus, or software bugs. Try connecting to a different provider to cross-check your problem.

  6. badmuff

    Also, check your internet connection and firewall settings as these could be issues too.

  7. roughnecks

    that's the only server which disconnects me. I'm connected to more than one

  8. roughnecks

    all of the rest is the same, pc, connection, client

  9. nuegia.net


  10. nuegia.net

    weird, gajim was partially joined

  11. nuegia.net

    Is there some way to filter garbled json computer text coming from matrix bifrost users without blocking those users entirely?

  12. nuegia.net

    or to block a specific problematic version of bifrost gateway based on it's useragent from federating?

  13. moparisthebest

    I've never experienced such a thing

  14. moparisthebest

    Prosody mod_firewall has some inspection capability

  15. nuegia.net

    it seems to happen whenever a matrix user tries to reply to someone in a muc

  16. nuegia.net

    their chat spams a bunch of json control characters spamming the chat

  17. nuegia.net

    and uuencoded data

  18. moparisthebest

    I mean I've seen many matrix users in MUCs but have never seen that, interesting

  19. nuegia.net

    does anyone have an example config for how to block based on s2s server useragent?

  20. moparisthebest

    On what