Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2017-12-08

  1. Guus

    Summit-wise, I've asked Kev if he'd be interested in chairing it again, like he did last year.

  2. Guus

    He mentioned that he'd be happy to if he actually went there (he didn't commit to that yet).

  3. Guus

    I'd like to see if we can have a group discount on a hotel again. I liked last years hotel - any reason to not start with trying that hotel again first?

  4. daniel

    Guus: remember how much they charged for a night?

  5. Guus

    daniel, the prices were different, depending on the day of the week

  6. Guus

    I've found this in my mail:

  7. Guus

    wednesday: 160 euro, thu 130, fri: 70, sat: 70

  8. Guus

    including breakfast, excluding ~8 euro/night tax.

  9. Guus

    it was the Thon hotel.

  10. Guus

    there's no saying if this years rates will be the same, of course.

  11. Guus

    ralphm arranged for it last time (thoughts on the matter, Ralph?)

  12. ralphm

    Weektime prices are higher usually because of the EU people

  13. ralphm

    I don't really have a preference regarding hotels. To me Aloft was good too.