Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2017-12-22

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  19. nyco hey all, I can dedicate some time for the FOSDEM, what tasks are to be done?
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  21. Guus nyco: we've yet to start organizing the XSF dinner - is that something you want to take on?
  22. nyco that would be the auberge we go to each time, and a coach or taxis or uber ?
  23. nyco I can take this, but I'd need peer review
  24. Guus nyco, from what I understand, it's tradition to go to that same restaurant, yes.
  25. nyco do we have a progress/kanban board, in order to track+visualise tasks and overall progress?
  26. Guus no.
  27. nyco I need one, do you?
  28. Guus we can add things to the wiki page
  29. nyco ok
  30. Guus that now has a lot of "to-be-determined" things
  31. nyco this, I don't understand
  32. Guus If you want one, go for it. I prefer to not add more (the amount of trackers that I use already is insane)
  33. nyco good
  34. Guus <-- has a lot of "TBD" placeholders that we can replace. That can act as a way to track progress, for all I care.
  35. Guus we're in contact with Cisco - we'll likely be able to user their offices again. More on that next year.
  36. Guus I've had an offer from Thon hotel, which I'll make public soon
  37. nyco so you are owner and responsible for Cisco and Thon, right? I am owner and responsible for the dinner?
  38. nyco s/Cisco/venue/ and s/Thon/hotel/
  39. Guus I'm not the owner of anything :) But yes, I'm happy to take point (actually, ralphm was invovled, but potatoes potatoes).
  40. Guus sorry, daytime-job is busy. Need to spend some time there now
  41. nyco I don't understand that
  42. nyco are you assigned to hotel + venue tasks or not? or is it Ralph? also, what potatoes?
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  46. nyco so, should the dinner be after the first day? or the second day (of the summit)
  47. nyco also, we should write a blog post about the summit and FOSDEM, right?
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