Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2017-12-28

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  46. Guus anyone here?
  47. Guus I've had an offer from the Thon hotel, for a group discount. They have asked me to sign and return the contract. It looks okay to me (pretty similar to last year). If there's anyone who wants to have a look before I sign this, please let me know.
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  49. nyco Yes, please, if it can be compared to last years
  50. nyco What potatoes?
  51. Guus do you want me to send you the offer?
  52. Guus regarding potatoes:
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  55. nyco Yes, if I can compare to last years
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  57. Guus I have just forwarded it to your Gmail, nyco
  58. Guus I will have to confirm later today though
  59. nyco Thx
  60. nyco What about last years?
  61. Guus Search for "thon" in your mail archive 😉
  62. nyco Dine, I don't have any, that's why I was asking...
  63. nyco But nevermind, it looks ok
  64. Guus I have it somewhere, but on mobile
  65. Guus I'll just confirm that we as the xsf don't have to pay anything up front, and then sign
  66. Guus thanks for the review!
  67. nyco Thx for ghe effort
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  70. Guus done
  71. Guus I'll send out an email and update the wiki page when I have the final confirmation and web link where people can sign up.
  72. nyco Thx
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