Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2018-01-11

  1. ralphm

    So stickers are plenty?

  2. Guus

    Yeah, I've got several hundered of the small sticker that's jsut the logo

  3. intosi is just lurking

  4. Guus

    I've also have plenty of those server info folders that Arc designed last year

  5. nyco

    it's transparent

  6. ralphm

    Are those the shaped (laptop) stickers, like we had other years?

  7. Guus

    yeah, just the logo, die-cast. approximately 2 by 2 inch each

  8. ralphm


  9. Guus

    do we want to sell shirts and hoodies again?

  10. Guus

    if so: do we have shirts and hoodies?

  11. ralphm

    Making banners can be done very fast. Other suggestions has been a proper table cloth again

  12. ralphm

    We have no clothing left

  13. Dave

    Naked day!

  14. Guus

    I think it'd be nice to be able to distribute the clothing - they were popular last year.

  15. ralphm

    So besides stuff we could sell at FOSDEM, Kev also suggested having summit-only t-shirts

  16. ralphm

    For that I'd actually collect individual sizes

  17. ralphm

    We could this by adding a column in the wiki

  18. Guus

    if there's interest, sure.

  19. Guus

    do we have a design for those in mind?

  20. Guus

    also, for the summit shirts and hoodies: can we perhaps simply re-order from where we had them produced last year?

  21. Guus

    banner wise: you're referring to something like this, Ralphm?

  22. Guus

    Dave, you had a couple of nice swag suggestions earlier. I recall that I liked them, not what they were :)

  23. ralphm

    Guus: yeah, they're roughly €35

  24. ralphm


  25. Dave

    Guus, "Hello My Jid Is" stickers.

  26. Guus

    you know what, let me create a list of ideas real quick...

  27. Guus

  28. Guus

    I've had one of my friends with a background in design come up with a banner design. What do you guys think of this?

  29. Guus

  30. Guus

    (he obviously used the old logo ;) )

  31. ralphm

    I think the most interesting part is not the logo

  32. ralphm

    I have some mad inkscape skills and the logo as svg

  33. ralphm

    No, the most interesting is 'the other stuff', what text we put up

  34. ralphm

    (although I like that background, maybe slightly lighter)

  35. Guus

    I have no sense of style, fashion or color. I like this, but by all means, improve or change it.

  36. Guus

    I've done some quick googling for some of the swag ideas we had

  37. Guus

    I've added them to that spreadsheet

  38. Guus

    I'll need to be off soon.

  39. Guus

    I'm looking at Dave's cashflow sheet for summit 15, but it doesn't list swag.

  40. Dave

    We only got t-shirts that year.

  41. Dave

    €370 worth, as I recall.

  42. Guus

    although he sold for 370 euro's in t-shirts. No idea how many that werer :)

  43. Dave

    Oh, was that in? I forget.

  44. Guus

    intosi, didn't I hear you say at one point that you were involved in the ordering of the hoodies? Do you recall how many you had, and how long that stock lasted?

  45. Dave

    I (personally) wouldn't do hoodies again. I think most who want them have them, and we should do something different.

  46. Guus

    that does make sense. We could always do them again in a couple of yearas.

  47. Guus

    in any case, I got to go - picking up the kids

  48. intosi

    Guus: if you did, it was not in this universe.

  49. Dave for some more historical info.

  50. Dave

    That was the "Grey Hoodie" year. (I'm weraing mine, by coincidence, today)

  51. ralphm

    I found the exact font used in the XMPP Logo

  52. ralphm

    (for the letters XMPP)

  53. ralphm

  54. ralphm


  55. ralphm

    That pre-rendering by Gajim is horrible

  56. ralphm

  57. ralphm

    That'd be something for what Kev was asking

  58. Guus

    ralphm, I like it - but isn't it the 'xsf summit' ?

  59. ralphm


  60. ralphm

    We've always referred to it as 'XMPP Summit'

  61. intosi

    I hope the shirt isn't Barf coloured again ;)

  62. Guus

    ah, ok.

  63. Guus

    (I'm also perparing dinner and rushing kids to practise at the same time, my response time might vary

  64. ralphm

    intosi: you have a voice in how it looks

  65. ralphm

    just by being here

  66. ralphm

    You can even order them or provide designs :-)

  67. ralphm

    My little drawing is just an example. I kinda like that I was able to find the exact font.

  68. ralphm

    Also, Inkscape FTW

  69. daniel

    Hello my jid is is by the way a pretty cool idea

  70. intosi

    Inkscape is very nice for these types of jobs.