Summits, Conferences and Meetups workgroup - 2018-01-12

  1. nyco

    so Erlang Solutions, makes of MongooseIM, will join the Summit and FOSDEM the have two talks in the RTC devroom and they are bringing stuuf for the RT Lounge

  2. ralphm

    cool. what kinda stuff?

  3. intosi

    Giant stuffed mongooses?

  4. ralphm

    That would be so cool

  5. nyco

    oooh... that might be done

  6. nyco

    so they said, MongooseIM-brander things, *AND* XMPP-branded things...

  7. nyco

    I don't know more

  8. nyco

    wanna take contact?

  9. nyco

    as a pure free/opensource software enthousiast, interop lover, open standards fan and not as an XSF member, not as Board member, and not as SCAM member can I book some RTC lounge room? I'd also like bring in some material, for a very early stage business idea I'd like to expose the thinking and get back some comments from people passing by that would be a corner of a table, to put a laptop on, maybe a phone, and probably flyers

  10. ralphm

    We haven't really start collecting 'demos' or anything yet, so I think that's fine. We won't have space for 10 banners, of course